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Doctors visit was confussing


im 17 and being dianosed with asthma

i went to my doctor for a 3rd visit and she said because my peak flow was not very changable morning to evening but very day to day she would like to put me on a preventor inhaler. this has steroids in it doesent it ? also my friend shave almost become addiced to hers she is constantly using it more then her recomendid usage this is bad isent it?

i said ould we leave it for a it till then and she said if thats what i felt comfortable with that was ok. im still using my blue releaver inhaler. it workes ok it takes time and up to 4 puffs to make me feal much much better.

she said to measure the change in peak flow before and after inhaler use and i have notised i imporve from 20 to 60 points depending on how many puffs i take and how bad im feeling.

she also said if u use the inhaler more then 30 times over a 5 week period she would again consider putting me on the brown preventor inhaler and i have puffes about 29 times and due to see her again in 4 days time. i was wondering if there was anything else i could consider instead of going on this inhaler because i have not been diagnosed with asthma fully yet but shes just changing dossage of medication.

any ideas would be greatly receved

thank you

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hi chelsea

I am quite new to asthma and take a easyhaler 200 thats double a normal 100.I take 2 puffs 4 times a day and up to ten in one go on bad days and 4 puffs at a time after till settledown a bit.I have been put on a brown one,I take 2 puffs 3 times a day,that has to be taken every day no matter what,its to help stop the inflamation and should help with asthma and I was told up that on bad days.hope thats helped X


Hi chelsea48rox,

First off, the steroid in the preventer inhaler is not the same as the sort that gives you muscles.

Secondly, I was unsure too, about what to take when. The guys on this site set me straight ie use my preventer (brown) inhaler in the way my GP recommended every day. This builds up protection.

The reliever (blue) inhaler is for quick relief when you have an attack.

If you or your friend feel the need to up the dose of either inhaler, I would suggest a visit to the asthma nurse to confirm if bigger dosage is required for better asthma control. Once diagnosed, it takes a few months to work out the right dose of preventer/ reliever for you.

Diagnosed early this year, I take my preventer inhaler 2 puffs, twice a day.

Best wishes.



Hi Chelsea,

Sorry to hear of your fears but the advice offered by your friends hereonline is good. It sounds like your doctor is working, with you, to help ease you suffering and there are all sorts of steroid medicines. I have some injected into my spine and I continue with no affects at all! It sounds like this si what you need for now and I note 'for now'.

I am not fully diagnosed either and my GP give the two inhalers and set me off out the door telling me to come back after four weeks.

Things will be up and down but always remember you will be 'up' again soon!

You take care!



Hi Chelsea,

Just to confirm what the others have said, the drown steroid inhaler is a good thing, and would be recommended as the best course of treatment. The blue ventolin is for relief and ideally you shouldn't be requiring that. Some like me do use it prior to exercise, but you will discover that once you get everything settled down.

Don't worry about the fact that the brown inhaler is steroid, it's not to be linked to the sort the drugged up athletes use to build muscles. There is a possible risk of side effects, but then so does ventolin. the only time you really need to worry about steroids and asthma are when you get put on prednisolone, and then thats long term usage, short term use is used my the majority during chest infections and that has isn't a problem.

There is a huge number of treatments for asthma, and unfortunately, some will work for you and others wont, the only way is trial and error, some may cause side effects, muscle cramps are the most common, but they usually stop or reduce to an acceptable level after a month or two.

Go to your GP, have the brown inhaler, and see how much better you will get.

Any questions just ask us here, we will help all we can, and welcome to the forums



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