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Seretide, a scan and some symptoms


I’m really glad to have found AUK, and this board, as not knowing anyone else with breathing troubles can be quite isolating and confusing at times.

I was diagnosed with asthma as a baby, took all the usual medicines until late childhood when it seemed to get bored and go away for a bit, and am now back on Seretide 500 and Ventolin. The asthma is on top of lung damage at birth, so my best PF is around 260, although this seems to have reduced after a ‘multiple pulmonary emboli’ incident and a few chest infections to 205 on a good day. Today it was just below 160 (at only 5ft 2 this perhaps isn’t as bad as it sounds!). I have three general questions if that’s ok. I’ve noticed that since starting the Seretide in December it seems to have become less effective, so while it pushed my PF to just over 200 to begin with, it has come down again despite my taking it every day since then. Ventolin helps, but not massively, and doesn’t last very long. Has anyone else found that Seretide becomes less effective over time? Things seem to have been noticeably worse since the beginning of Feb.

I’ve also noticed my pulse becomes very rapid at times (>110), so for example I lie awake at night and can feel my heart beating quickly, and from time to time it feels like it’s skipping a beat. My extremely vague understanding is that a PE can leave some cardiac anomaly, which has shown up on ECGs. However, a recent Echo was normal thankfully, so I guess I’m wondering if that means everything is ok and I’m imagining things. I’m not really sure how much an Echo tells you over and above an ECG, or what the ECG means, or how feeling a skipped heartbeat from time to time would tie in with any of it!

Last of all, while I’m fortunate not to suffer from asthma attacks, I do (quite frequently) feel really uncomfortable – like I’m not getting enough air. My hands/feet (esp nails, fingertips) turn purple/blue, I get a bit of a headache, feel giddy, as though my vision is less clear than usual, and drowsy (around the time it happens), and can’t catch my breath (so for instance, finding enough to make full sentences in conversation becomes a bit more of an effort). My chest feels constricted, and, as I said, Ventolin doesn’t always take the edge off. At the beginning of Feb. I felt like I could hardly do anything and spent most of the time sitting/lying down – does asthma make you really tired, so even little things leave you feeling exhausted? Fortunately these spells pass, even if they repeat themselves, and so the spaces between mean I’m able to live with it and avoid mentioning the finer details to anyone. I thought I’d tackle it here first as I don’t want to cause any unnecessary fuss about nothing.

Thank you

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Hello Daphne and welcome to AUK,

Sorry to hear that you have had a bit of a rought time recently.

Do you have an asthma action plan? eg when to increase meds and when to get emergency help when your peak flows drop and your symptoms increase.

From what you are saying symptom wise, I would strongly advise you to get some medical help asap. A GP app tommorrow or if you are getting no relief from your inhaler, going blue, dificulty speaking please go to A&E! (999 if needed!)

We here can't advise what to do as we can't see you and it would be dangerous to you for us to say otherwise, apart from getting emergency help.

With your complicated lung issues, please see someone as soon as possible.

Seretide should not loose effect and you should not have to live with these symptoms on a daily basis if possible.

Please note the terms and conditions of the site regarding asking for emergency help. (See left below the search box)

Anyway, please ask more questions and I hope you feel better soon!



Daphne, I read you post with some interest. i was prescribed seretide at the end of november, and notice an improvement and new PB for the peak flow and much more stable, but like you since around two weeks ago have notice a decline in the PF readings, and the seretide doesn't seem to make much difference, but do bear in mind that it was really cold weather at the begining of the month, which may explain the drop. If I take my PF reading in the morning, then take the meds, i can take a reading again after an hour and will usually get a lower reading than before, which makes me wonder if the seretide actually works.

I've also notice an increase in BP and resting HR (being an athlete I take this regularly), and muscle cramps and a few shakes. I'm not worried about any of this at the mokent as my PF reading are still in the green (+80%) so OK.

I would advise you though, reading all your symptoms to go and see your GP. please let us know how you get on.


Thanks Kate, I wouldn’t post if I thought anything was urgent at all. I don’t have an action plan, and not sure what it involves so will perhaps look into that.


Hello Daphne,

No worries, was just covering all eventuallities as people do come on the boards when they are really struggling when they should be on their way to A&E.

If you hop over to the main Asthma Website, all about asthma, you will see the links in green above you can find out about action plans etc.

They work on green zones, amber zones and red zones and you are recomended to see your GP or asthma nurse to help you fill it in.

Green zone = your usuall maintenance doses and your usual best Peak flow.

Amber zone - your peak flow below a certain level, and what to step up.

Red zone - your peak flow below a certain level and what help you should get.

You can add in symptoms too!

Seretide not working..... as woody said this could be the weather and other factors etc.

Anyway, hope this helps and sorry for being heavy handed in my first post!



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