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So frustrating - bit of a moan

Hi All,

I am new here. I am Ellen from Bath, Somerset. I have had asthma since I was 7 and I am now 27. Sometimes it really gets me down.

I had a cold just over a month ago, it went around the family and all of us got it and it went to our chests, my sister went to the docs and got antibiotics. Her boyfriend went to his doctors and got antibiotics. I then go to the doctors wait over an hour and get sent home with nothing and I am the one who suffers the most.

So now surprise surprise just over a month and a half later I am the one sat here at 5:30am after no sleep with another cold that has gone to my chest and I am thinking whats the point of me going to the doctors if they aren't going to give me anything but I have to go because I have now run out of blue inhaler. I really don't understand the doctors sometimes.

My second moan is about medication, why is it that diabetics get their drugs free but us asthmatics don't? I mean I go through so many inhalers that I am spending so much on an illness I can't do anything about. I just don't think its fair. I know diabetes is life threatening but so is asthma I really think there should be some sort of campaign to stop us from having to pay the prescription charges!

Anyway sorry I am so tired and fed up....I have to wait till 8:30 to go to the doctors and then I have to sit for ages waiting now doubt!


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Ellen HELLO and welcome to the madhouse of AUK !!

Re: script cost - If you have to pay it is cheaper to get the pre-payment certificate, yes an outlay at first but saves money long run if you need alotta meds !!

If you are on a low-income (not just benefit just a LOW-INCOME) it may be worth appling for help with prescription costs etc etc !!

HC1 form I think it is you need and any chemist/optician type of place should have one !!

If you have had the cold going round that I've just shifting it can make ya feel bad without it actually causing chest infection !!

If the DR ya saw listened to your chest and checked you properly then its more than likely exabating you ASTHMA more instead of caused a chest infection !!

I know its left my very gunked and rattly chest wise BUT no infection !!

But still get a GP to check you FULLY and explain to them exactly how its affected your asthma/chest !!

Antibiotics are not always needed as a cold is a virus and sometimes don't cause a bacterial chest infection and hence wouldn't help anyway !!

Again WELCOME !!



I agree it is cheaper to have a pre payment certif espically if you require several items a month i know that in 2 to 3 months you have recovered the cost and when you require the extras you don't have to worry about it.

its hard to think that all us asthma suffers have to pay but auk have tried to get a campaign going


Hello - this is the first time I have looked at this site and have a few questions that I was hoping someone could help with.

At 34 I was rather surprised when I went to the doctors three weeks ago to be told I have asthma - i thought it was a just a lingering cough and he would perscribe some antibiotics!

three weeks later and three more visits to the GP I now feel like a walking medicinal cabinet. the blue inhaler didn't do much so this has been followed by anti-hystermine tablets (they are assuming it is tree pollen that has triggered the whole thing) and now this morning I have been perscribed a brown ""preventer"" inhaler after cbrusing my ribs through exessive coughing. Now even normal breathing is a little painful.

Anyway back to the questions - first off, how do i get a pre-payment certificate. at the moment my prescriptions are free, as i have a maternity exemption certificate, though thi sis due to run out pretty soon. (should i try to get as many inhalers as i can while they are still free?)

Also has anyone else found they have had asthma out of the blue like this? Initially it seemed very mild, but within a matter of weeks now feels pretty miserable, and coughing lots in mornings/ evenings. In fact since I have been taking drugs seems to have got worse. Or is it that it has just got worse anyway and the drugs have yet to take affect?

Was also hoping to start doing a bit of exercise soon (lose the baby flab!) but bit worried about what best to start with now. was never superfit but used to go for a swim and the odd visit to the gym in the past? Any advice?

Thanks - and sorry this post is so long.


hi you can ask the pharmacy for a prepayment form or you can do it online at ppa.org.uk. hope this info helps you.




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