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Off to Dr again!

Have an appointment later today to check on how my chest is sounding. To cut a long story short I had pneumonia at the end of 2011 which put me in hospital, I then developed a post infection wheeze which put me back in the hospital and onto prednisolone. I came home with inhalers. My gp noticed a rattle in left lung on monday and took bloods and sputum culture. I am scared the pneumonia is back and am struggling to deal with this combined with asthma symptoms. Are there any diet tips/breathing tips that would help. I just want to get well but I am getting very out of breath very quick. Just don't want to have to go back into hospital !!!

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Rue . Ask your gp or consultant for a physio referral ... They can teach u breathing excercises to help when breathless , excercises to clear the lungs and even devices that improve inflation of the lungs.... Better to be shown rather that trying to explain them. Lungs can take a wee while to settle after flair ups and infections ...... Even when the infection is gone . Hope things settle soon ... Take care


Thanks for the advice - I have asked Dr about this and she has referred me to physio so should hear from them soon. Good news, blood and sputum samples both clear so no infection which is a relief. Taking things easy and won't rush things. Thanks for the advice on physiotherapy gussypoo.


Your welcome ... So glad there isn't any infection just a case of the lungs settling down now .... When out. Z best to do things in stages..... When waking take plenty of pit stops and rest ... Slow and steady wins the race .....


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