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Any suggestions please?!

Hi All,

Im not after medical advice or anything as I know when to get help. Im just after some suggestions really.

10 days ago I started with a cold which led to a chesty cough. Been to doctors twice and lungs are clear. My cold is clearing up but my chesty cough is much worse. I wake up coughing and am using tons of ventolin (gotten through 2 whole inhalers in the past 7 days). Ive been very wheezy too but Ventolin helps for only 10 minutes max. Ive been coughing up green stuff which is horrible and feel like Im rattling a bit. Tried cough medicines over the counter and vicks plug ins and even sitting in the bathroom with the shower running hot.

Any other ideas that I can try to ease the cough? Its getting really annoying and making me very tired.

Thank you in advance.


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If your coughing up green stuff a trip to your GP would probably be the best thing to do. Sounds like you will need antiboitics.



Try some menthol cough sweets

Olbas oil on a tissue.

Drink plenty of water.

Drink honey and lemon tea.

For the green phlegm, see a Dr, as you may need antibiotics.


Agree with the others - you need to see a GP.


Definately go see your gp


I am trying to get over pneumonia and have just been given more antibiotics to try and clear the infection - to top it all off the Drs think I now have Asthma, which I am finding hard to deal with the symptoms. I feel like I always have a discomfort throughout my chest and back. Being new to Asthma I have been told to use the reliever when I feel tight chest or wheezy but I'm still unsure whether this will damage my lungs further. Everything feels mixed up in my head just now and I'm having trouble getting a positive attitude in my head. In reply to your post, I would definately say go to the Dr if you are coughing up green sputum, you could have a chest infection needing antibiotics. Get well soon x


Hi. Been there. I found steam didn't help my cough one iota. Nor menthol - thank goodness the lady in the chemist told me to use only one tiny crystal or I'd have plopped in a goodly amount to the bowl of hot water. Cough medicines ditto.

No. Sorry. The only thing for a cough like this is go back to the GP or asthma nurse, if you have one and point out how much reliever you are going through to stem the cough. Stamp your feet too, if feel you're being fobbed off.



Been there also. I'd go back to the Doctor, probably time for antibiotics.

Have you tried a nebuliser. Inhalers and nebulisers are said to work equally well, but

I have not found it to be so. Something about that mist opens up everything.

Talk about how little the Ventolin is doing for you at night. Mention details...peak flows,

etc. A Medrol dose Pak is also worth discussing with your Doctor. Time for them to be

more aggressive IMO.


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