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sorry just need a moan


I just really need to have a good moan, and have found these boards a welcoming support and hopefully you will understand my situation

I have had very bad asthma for the last few years, which i am now told is being classed as brittle!

i have hardly been of pred all year and for the last 8 weeks i have been on pred continuasly, and can only seem to get down to about 30mg before symptons return and the need to go back up to higher dose again. it all started after a cold that i had, about a month ago. it had been getting worse and then three weeks ago i was admitted to hopsital for five days, then readmitted a few days later, was then discharged and readmitted the same day. i was finally discharged on saturday and have been at home on home nebs ever since.

Anway was allready very fed up as nothing seems to be improving and have now been of work for three weeks, which financially is going to become a problem soon. anyway to cut a long and boring story short i have now got another cold (could even be man flu, i feel that bad). not sure what to do now as this is bound to affect my asthma as it always does and am depserate not to go back into hospital. i was just wondering if anyone else ever fills like everything hits them at once.

i am due to see the asthma nurse next week, and dont really want to contact her before if i can help it as i feel like i have taken up so much of her time lately and i am sure she dreads me phoning her!!

i am sorry for moaning i just felt like i needed to get it of my chest as feeling really fed up by it all. i know that people are much worse than me, so i guess i am just feeling sorry for myself.

any ideas of how to get rid of this cold would be greatfully recieved!




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