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Allergy to England!!!!


I have just returned from the most relaxing holiday to turkey!! My lungs managed to behave themsleves most of the time and any problems were soon dealt with by a neb and some extra pred!!

Anyway now i am back in the UK, how different things are!! I was really hoping i would return home feeling so much better however as soon as i landed in the UK things are back to there normal unstable self!! I think i am allergic to England!!!

I am due to see my local hospital later and dont think they are going to be impressed or believe me when i say things were ok on holiday!! Maybe they could pay for me to live abroad, it would save them a fortune in the long run!!!

No replys necessary just needed to have a moan


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hi glad to hear you've had a great time. i think that the only reason your lungs behaved is probably due because you had a total environment change. i'm thinking to start exposing myself to more pollen or starting pollen b tablets in a bit to reduce the severity of it.


I guess it was proberly due to the complete change!!

just got back from hospital appointment and ended up crying my eyes out about how fed i am with the whole thing!!!

Guess i just have to get used to the british climate and hopefully things will settle down a little bit!!


sorry to hear that im a little fed up too. I just want my life so fed up that when i started to be a little to honest with my gp last time at the check up she suggested that i have a bloodtest done to rule things out.

Im debating if i have been over monitoring my own health too much and possibly uncovered something more in the process. Try to stay positive as i think the best thing to come out of my crazy asthma is that im more aware of my health and dont wear myself out when im clearly tired.

hang in there there is pollen, that damn ash cloud and weird weather in the air too..

take care


I found the same thing when I went on holiday to Cyprus this February. I had one asthma attack and that was due to deciding to swim in the sea (just because you can swim in the Med in february does not make it a good idea) but the rest of the week my lungs were sound as a bell. I was so relaxed and happy, then I got back and it was business as normal. In my case it was the dry heat and lack of pollen that helped me, although I daresay the relaxation helps too.

Good luck at the hospital appt!


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