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I am just needing a moan and any advice would be gratefully recieved.

My asthma has been horendous to say the least over the last year and am waiting to go to the brompton on the 25th February.

Currently i have developed a horrible rash on my face and neck, saw doctor who said it was rosacea and gave me some antibiotic cream, which has made no difference. anway saw asthma nurse this morning who thugh it was more of an allergy and asked if anything makes it worse, i mentioned that if i eat or drink any dairy products it makes it worse, she has arranged for me to see dietician for some food allergy test but in the mean time said i had to go back to gp. I have been back to GP and she said it wasnt possible that it was an allergy as already on antihistamine and 35mg pred, she said it was eczema and gave me some moisturising cream.

my question is could it be an allergy? is it possible to get an allergy to something that you have never had before? Could this be affecting my asthma?

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