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Is it just a cold or is it asthma being bothersome

Chest so painful today when I breathe in. Cold still making its presence felt in after more than a week, I've still got snuffly nose. Occasional coughing has husband looking up and saying 'I thought you'd stopped all that' and 'are you taking your stuff?' Past few days I seem to be taking more and more reliever - Symbicort 200/6.

Feeling generally out of sorts, made appt for GP later today. Husband seemed surprised actually making an appt. So maybe I'm making a fuss over nothing, pre asthma diagnosis, would I just have put it down to a troublesome cold?

Chances are, I will get the GP who plays safe and only prescribes the equivalent of half an aspirin - no matter whats wrong with you. With the result I still won't really know if its a virus or asthma that's a problem.

PF today is 240. Usually up around 300s in the morning.

PS I know you can't be medical about this. And I'm sure too that once I've had asthma for a few years, I'll be better clued up.

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hi nanna

hope you feel better soon and go on ok at the docs,keep me posted xxxxx


It was just a cold and it is asthma being bothersome.

Saw nice doctor from our practice who sounded chest, pronounced it clear of crackles so no chest infection - it is just a cold I have. I apologised for coming for just a cold, but the doc was quite happy as meant I was keeping an eye on my asthma as well.

For the asthma - He's also upped the daily preventer puffs and moved me back to Ventolin for fill-in for time being. Once weather gets back to normal, meds can go back to normal.


Generally Granny Mo, I find if I get the sniffles Asthma will moan too, so even if you have no wheezes or crackles, so no chest infection, finding the Asthma misbehaving is totally normal. Hope you feel better soon, fed up of the snow myself, cold and lungs don't go together, if I put a scarf over my nose and mouth glasses fog up when out. Never mind though got Lottie Dog as unofficial guide dog if foggy glasses are preventing me from finding my way about.

PS Is your scalp better? Hugs Katina and Lottie Dog


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