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Today I've been given a months trial of montelukast see what effects it has really Just wondering a couple of things 1. By take at night what sort of times do u all call night 2. Just wondering. What its like with alcohol I'm not usually someone who drinks but I've a massive leaving night out to attend and wondering if one of two drinks would be ok or not I'm not fussed either way just trying to be prepared Also how have u found montelukast ? Thank you xx

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My son takes his montelukast any time between 8 - 10pm. Re. alcohol, I would be very sparing as you just dont know how you might react. If you can go manage it, best to go without, or at least make a drink last by sipping.

It took a few weeks for Montelukast to kick in, but once it did my son's asthma was much improved.


I've never heard of Montelukast interacting with alcohol, and I was on it for 14 years... Like B, I've had big nights out while on it with no adverse effects.

I used to take it between 8 pm and midnight, depending on the schedule of my other medications, but I know of people who take it in the morning, or even twice daily.

It's not a medication that's known to have many problematic interactions or side-effects, so I wouldn't worry too much about it, but do get in touch with the AUK nurses (on the helpline) or with your local pharmacist if you have any specific questions or problems.

Hope it helps you!


my son is 5 yrs and he had awful very graphic nightmares when on montelukast his sleep was very disturbed and he was a nightmare to get to bed because he was frightened to sleep since stopping he hasnt had any disturbed sleep, he is now using seritide.


I take mine at 8pm with a large glass of white wine! :)

No, okay, I pretend the water is wine, makes me feel better, but I've drunk whilst on it with no problems.


Thankyou to everyone for your replies the first night I took it around 9ish but I woke up feeling really sick and just awful since then I've been taking it between seven and seven thirty and had no more probs !! It's good to no that other people have been ok with it an alcohol tomorrows the big night out so I'll just take it slow and see how it goes I'm so stressed out about it all but I no I will enjoy it when I get there

B- I don't intend on having a hangover so I reckon as long ad they agree I'll be fine !

Wishes- thanks for the advice glad to here you have had big nights out no i have been told It's not known to react ect so I'm happy with that

Ratty - now that did make me giggle a lot what a lovely idea tho !!

Sounds like I'll be in for a good night when I get there and enjoying myself today I've just started to notice I'm not coughing as much as I was today's been a good day I'm hoping tomorrow goes well :) thanks everyone xx


I've been on Montelucast singulair for about 3 years and no problems with drinking, infact I dont get such a bad throat in the mornings since I started it :-)


Just thought I'd post and say how things are going the montelukast trial is going well I've got rid of the really horrid cough I had had for about six weeks and it's improved on my night time symptoms meaning I sleep a little better and have more energy during the day ! Also the cOnstant sob has become less frequent so it's been a usefull trial.

Im now concerned that I only have a few days left on the tablets and I don't want to go back to how I was but drs are keen to see what happens when I stop taking them

Has anyone else trialed them and then stopped ? How long before your symptoms came back Ect?


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