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When to take antibiotics?

Advice please...

I have drop in peak flow, had 2 attacks this week (not needed ambulance as extra steroid inhalers abated symptoms eventually). However, today I feel absolutely exhausted, have had some chest discomfort and sputum. So - when do you know where to draw the line and take antibiotics? I don't think this incessant rain has helped quite frankly... What indicators do you look for to start on antibiotics? Thank you.

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Hello niccilatte

I think the best indicator about when to take antibiotics is to see a doctor. They can tell by listening to your lungs whether you have an infection or not. Having a temperature and green sputum can be indicators of infection, but are not always present in my experience. If you are worried about having an infection, I would see a doctor (I know it will be NHS 24 now). Don't take any chances......




Hi Niccilatte,

If your doctor has given you a supply of antibiotics to have at home ready to take, hopefully they should also have discussed with you what the sort of indications to take them would be. Doctors often look for two out of three of increased sputum volume, increased sputum purulence (ie how 'yucky' it is) and increased breathlessness to try to diagnose a chest infection.

Maz is right, though, if in doubt, do go and see your doctor. They will be able to make a more accurate assessment of you.

Take care,

Em H


thank kindly you for the responses. Nicci x


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