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Taking Clopidogrel, Thyroxine and Atorvastatin

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Hi I have been taking Clopidogrel and thyroxine for just over a month and now my doctor has prescribed Atorvastatin. I read the paper inside the box and it says do not take if you have an overactive thyroid, which is why I take thyroxine. Also there were concerns about the reaction between Atorvastatin and Clopidogrel . Help I'm totally confused and have not taken the Atorvastatin as I am still trying to get a phone apointment with my doctor. I am worried now as I should have started it last week.

6 Replies
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Hi, are you on the right forum with this question? This is the Asthma UK forum and none of the meds you mentioned are for asthma, so most people won't know the answer. You might have better luck on a forum for people with heart conditions.

It might also be worth asking your pharmacist for medication questions in general - they can be more clued up than doctors as that's what they focus on.

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Hi Janny I don’t know about the thyroxine, but my husband has been on clopidogrel and atorvastatin for 11 years now - he had been on atorvastatin a while then the dose was increased and clopidogrel added when he had a stroke. Of course everyone is different and you may have different health conditions so worth checking with your GP or pharmacist.

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Hi. Are you sure that you have an overactive thyroid? People usually take thyroxine if their thyroid is under active?

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The thyroxine will be for an underactive thyroid not overactive. But the other worry could be sorted by the pharmacist, in fact if they are on the ball they will often flag up a problem when the prescription comes in.

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Hi clopidogrel prevents heart attacks and strokes. Atorvastatin is prescribed for high cholesterol. Thyroxine is given for underactive thyroid. If you cant get in touch with your GP ask your pharmacist they know all medications you can just telephone them they know about medications their interactions with each other. I wouldn't worry too much that you haven't taken atorvastatin yet. Get advice if you not happy.

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Good morning, I take both of these pills and have been taking them for 6 years after a Tia that I didn’t even notice apart from a few tint dark spots in my left eye .I’ve had no side effects at all even when I added Adizam into the mix as I had extra heart beats over the last year and even that has really helped with no side effects I hope this helps a little and all the best x x ps I’m also asthmatic and it doesn’t seem to effect my asthma at all 😊

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