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Asthma plans and Pains - lol

The last few days been suffering from a cold from hell. Came home from work ill cold type symptoms and coughing fits especially last night. All week peak flow not above 390 and mine should be 425 or over. Also had backache. Spoke to Asthma UK nurse today she was brilliant and mentioned that was i on an asthma plan to upt my medication and have you any emergency steroids - my answer was no!!!

I am not a severe asthmatic but i can have a few attacks a year to my dread!!

A - has anyone suffered backache and is it related to asthma or is it symptoms of the cold etc which is understandable.

B - How many of you out there have these asthma plans and any ideas how i should approach my gp about this.

thanks in advance and anyone else having a tough time at the moment get well soon - Lola's orders - lol take care

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Sounds nasty! Hope it goes soon.

Meanwhile: asthma plan? Hmm, I don't think mine have heard of this one either. To be fair they've only just decided I even have asthma and it's pretty damn weird, but I have got nowhere with my questions about what to do when (for instance, when should I get help given my lungs' oddities and the fact I don't have 'attacks'?) I think you need to keep asking about this one - perhaps say it would be helpful so you don't have to visit them as often?

Re backache: where is it? If lower down, I have no idea but if it's an ache around the rib area at the back, especially between the shoulderblades, I suspect it is asthma-related - i get this a lot. Solution might be to get the asthma better though easier said than done! Otherwise whatever painkiller works best for you.

I hope this is vaguely helpful...


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