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3 yr old with muscle pain after flu jab?

My 3 yr old son had his flu jab yesterday (for the 3rd time),never had any probs before.since having his flu jab yesterday about 4 oclock he keeps crying and complaining that his leg hurts.he had it in his leg because he recently had pre school jabs in each arm and that was only a wk ago and he was upset so the nurse said lets put it in is thigh.so i agreed and since then he keeps limping and crying every now and then saying it hurts.is this normal has anyone had a similar situation before?

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My 11 yr old daughter complained that her arm was very painful - so much so she missed gym (very rare occurrence) so maybe it is a side effect that is hitting the poor kids the hardest, hers wore off after a few days but if your sons doesn't it maybe worth taking him back to the GP. If he can take some pain meds it maybe worth giving him a dose too Chloe took some calpol which again isn't her normally..

Hope this helps and hes feeling better today.



I'm 17, but the day after my flu jab my arm felt like it was on fire, it wasn't red or swollen and i couldnt even see where the injection had been but I ended up taking co-codamol which helped a little bit. Had jab on wednesday, hardly felt it that afternoon, thursday was worst (i couldnt even lift my arm onto desk in college) friday it was better and now its almost gone away. I've had the flu jab since I was 11 and never had anything like this before. Hope your son's leg is better soon.


I think local site tenderness/pain can be a common symptom of the flu jab, it certainly was mentioned to me by the GP when I went to have mine a few weeks ago. I also experienced pains in all my joints for a few days afterwards, but it eventually wore off after 4-5 days. Is there anything you can give him at his age to help with the pain? calpol?


I ahve always had muscle pain after a flu jab for a few days so think its fairly common and a normal reaction, it should subside after 2 or 3 days tho.



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