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Common Cold

Hi all

Has anybody got any suggestions on what they do to deal with the common colds as I am trying to find alternatives to paracetomol and decongestants which I think might be giving me a problem during the cold/sinus infection that I am just getting over.

I visited the doctor who gave me amoxcillin which I think is helping and suggested a decongestant nasal spray, which I think moved the congestion from the sinus to my chest, which after a bad pollen season, kicked off the asthma again after I was just about starting to see signs of it getting under control.

I have tried steam which helps, drinking lots of warm drinks and am trying to build up the system with multi vitamins and lots of fresh fruit and veg, but if anybody has any ideas that have worked please let me know as I am eager to try anything which is going to reduce colds, etc.


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