Changing types of inhalers

I was wondering about changing the type of salbutamol (blue) inhalel, currently im using the auto inhaler because i found it difficult inhaling the evohaler properly about 2 years ago. But i keep running out of it unexpectedly and all my doctor will do is give me another prescription for another one cause i have to wait about a week for my repeat. Anyway the reason im typing this is because im wondering if anyone uses the accurhaler (the one with the blister and has a dial to say how many blister you have left) because ive researched it but still not sure if they do it for sulbutamol.

Im also taking the brown and green evohaler twice a day with my spacer but thats ok, its just my blue.

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  • As far as I am aware they do it in ventolin. I know my mate has hers in an accuhaler.

    Hope this helps!



  • Thank you for replying,

    Just check and ventolin and subalbutamol are the same, its so confusing.

  • Thank you for replying,

    Just check and ventolin and subalbutamol are the same, its so confusing.

  • Ventolin is the generic name. Is you get an easi-breath, Its called Salamol, But they all have the same active ingrediant.

  • hi,

    I've used the salbutamol accuhaler for years now, and had no problems reguarding the design or avaliability of the inhaler. :)

  • Salbutamol is the generic name - the official name of the drug.

    Ventolin & salamol are the brand names.

    Also another way round the running out problem is to have 2-3 inhalers around or at least one spare in the house. I am sure most GPs would agree to this as long as you don't over use it and your asthma is controled with your regular preventers, the brown & the green one.


  • Hello, I have used the Ventolin/Salbutamol Accuhaler for years and find it holds 60 nebules and as you use it it counts down you always know how many you have left.

    I do agree with Kate Moss when she says you should always have at least one ""Spare"" reliever at hand.

    I would ask your doctor specifically for an accuhaler next time you see him/her and explain your reasoning for it, unless of course they give you a spare in which case as soon as you finish one order.

    Hope this has been of some help to you.

    Hugs from the Orkney Islands


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