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All this superfluous medication - what do I do with it?

It's been trial and error and still experimenting to get the medication right. After getting my accuhalers, I've collected together all my old meds and have a bag full.

There are:

3 ventolin evohalers (like to have spares)

2 Clenil Modulite evohalers (2 different strengths)

1 Serevent Evohaler

1 Flixotide Evohaler

2 boxes of Singulair

It seems so wasteful, and being a bit of an ecowarrior, I'm looking for some responsible way of putting them to use, rather than just taking them back to the pharmacy to be disposed of. Are there any charities that would take them? Or is that not allowed?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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This link might be useful / of interest to you:

They send medicines that aren't needed anymore to health clinics in Africa, however, your GP has to be registered with them to be allowed to take your medicines. Maybe you could get your GP surgery involved if they are not already?


Thanks for the response Ratty. I'm checking it out right now, and going to find out if my Practice is registered. If not, going to try to get them involved.


Tracey x

EDIT: Have looked on the website of InterCare. Looks brilliant, very responsible and ethical. Have emailed my practice to see if they're registered, and if not, have asked them to consider it. Let's see what happens!


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