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Maintenance pred and side effects??

Still trying to get my head around maddie (aged 2) beige on maintenance dose of pred daily. It's only been 8 days so far but I'm trying to understand the side effects!

She's had loads of short courses of pred which have done the trick after 5 days but due to the fact she has so many relapses, Shes now on it longterm!

My queries are....

What side effects do you have when on long term pred?

How long does it take to start working?

Maddie has hydrocortisone inj in case ahe has vomitting bug/ high temp/an accident. Today she seems to have symptoms of a urinary tract infection. I've looked it up and this ia common apparently when on pred? Anyone??

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Hi Emily35

As an adult I have taken maintenance pred for 20 years, for me there has been weight gain, moon face and thinned skin. The other potential problems are Diabetes, so ideally anyone taking maintence pred should get tested about once a year. Adrenalin suppression can happen too to some people who have taken pred, so in case an an accident would recommend that your child wears a medic alert bracelet in case of an accident noting her condition and stating takes steriods. Taking pred can lower the immune system, so regular infections can be a problem.

I would hope that since your child is so young that their health will be closely monitored in view of the fact that pred is being used as a long term treatment, as growth can be effected.

The period of time it takes from person for pred to become effective varies, hopefully you will have seen improvement already, but it is also possible that overtime your child may have to have their pred dose altered to gain the same effect.

I started at 9 having odd courses, by 18 I was having courses every month, now at 40 and for the past 20 years I have been on high maintance pred. Of course there are side effects that can be concerning, if not monitored and treated where necessary, but if I weight up the side effects with the benefits, I am glad that they are available.



I ahve been on maintenance pred since I was 15, now considerably older...I have had some side effects including weight gain, skin issues, tendon and bone issues but all in all I am very greatful that the drugs are available because they have kept me alive . Between the ages of 15 and 18 I was looked after by the pediatric team, and was monitored very closely because I was on pred...I am sure that maddie will be monitored closely. Hope that it helps her out.


My daughter (aged 12) has been on and off pred for about 3 years but over the last year more or less been several course every month, now were looking at continued doesage since her last hospital admission.

The side effects shes had are the moon face and fat deposit at back of neck (thank goodness for long hair) and weight gain. Not experienced any UTI .

Pred usually works within a few days you'll see her picking up.

you sound like your doing a great job, so keep your chin up, hopefully things will improve long term for little Maddie


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