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still too hot

i thought they said it was going to cool down,well where i am it hasnt cooled down today,it seems to have been very warm today with none of that much needed fresh,clean,not to cold but not to hot air,i think im asking for to much,just plain simple air will do nice,just enough so we can breath.lets hope it cools down soon.hope everybody is doing ok,take care and take it easy

d58 xxxx

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I think we can give up on fresh and clean until the autumn. I am settling for cooler with a breeze. apparently August is going to be a scorcher too.




a few people have said they have had a bit of a breeze where they are,i wish they would blow some down here,my friend said she had to put her quilt on last night because it turned cold!! and she doesnt live that far away from me,i must just be me,but it still seems very,very warm.well never mind look on the bright side,its only another couple of months till it cools down a bit,

take care d58 xx


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