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home schooling?

hi dose anyone on here home school there children.tyler is due to start school this year but i really do't think he will cope very we have had lots on problems with him being tried all the time at preschool( he only going 2 mornings a week).the prschool are feed up with him falling asleep and thay cant get him to do anything thay we are going into maybe home schooling him.any advise would be great.

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Hello Tys Mum... I do not know what the policy is in your area but my first suggestion is that you speak to your GP and then with his/her support approach the local educational authority.

The backing of your medical team would be a real good thing to have when applying for Home schooling.

Sorry I would not be much more help to you.

Good luck and hope you are all keeping well.

Love and Hugs from the Orkney Isles





I'm no expert, but I have met some home-schooled kids at the youth group I run. Socialisation is SO important, and home-schooled kids really struggle to fit in because they haven't got used to being with other children. Education is one thing, but becoming part of a social group is incredibly important when you're growing up - so just bear this in mind too!

Spaniel xx


Hi Tys mum

I'm afraid i don't know that much about home schooling (sorry) but i'm sure that's there's a national organisation of home schooling - found these links -

I hope they help - i do know in my area home taught children can get together to 'socialise'. But am not sure if these sorts of groups run all over the country or else it's just a local thing. I also know that parents get together so that they can all play to their strengths!!!

good luck



my daughter was home schooled with great ACHIEVEMENT until she got so ill with her asthma and the treatment regime she became schooled in hospital as well.

socialization can be achieved in many ways my daughter (when well) had music lessons with a group of children was a member of many outside clubs such as drama dance gymnastics and the local church group so really socialization concerns can be achieved for these children just by a bit of common sense and planning, also have you thought of part time school as an option we did this from reception until year 2 when Hollyanna was fit enough to attend full time this lasted a whole term before she became to unstable again to maintain any sort of normality at school.This was when we made the choice to home school for her own welfare in regards to her very temperamental asthma and the constant medication she required as the years went by. she was a very social young girl very bright and polite, socially she had no problems at all. the local LEA may be able to help with local social groups. parents can get together with the children and have both educational visits to places and fun times it was a great way of meeting parents you will be surprised as to how many people do home school in the uk, the only compulsory policy is all children must have an education it has no mention by whom so home schooling is great and you can Taylor education plans to suit the ability and health of the child and you have 7 days a week so if your child is ill, say, Monday and Tuesday whereby they would miss school work if at school you just work around their illness and work sat and sun.Also home tutors are great for extra help and we had one whom taught five children at a time. pm if you need further help with this i am more than willing to help.Also you will be visited but these are not as bad as they sound they just are making sure your child is receiving an education.


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