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Montelukast newspaper article


This is my first time on this site so I hope I'm doing it right! I saw an article in 'The Mail' on Sunday about Montelukast tablets. My 2 children (aged 6 and 10) have been on them since they were both 2 years old. Has anyone else heard any bad publicity about them or are you happy using them? Is it just another 'scaremonger' article to fill the paper?

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I read the article too and ignored it. It did say they are just going to change the advisory labelling and that anyone on it should continue to take it and if you are unduly worried contact your GP. I personally have no problems with taking it if my dr hadn't stopped it as i no longer need it!

I'm sure one of the medics will be along with more info.

The mail on sunday does appear to like a good health scare story every week.


The very fact that most people I know refer to the weekday version as ""The Daily Wail"" probably tells you a lot :D

I'm going to see if I can find the story and have a squizz.



Ah, the Daily Wail! It does a scare story better than most, I find.


Ooooh, by the way, toppy, welcome to Asthma UK :)

Had a quick look. Merck, the manufacturers, have updated their patient informations leaflet for montelukast several times over the past year. They in fact updated the information leaflet with possible side effects of this ilk in October last year, but the FDA in America announced that they were investigating four instances in America and one in the UK. There is no causal link at all established, and the MHRA in Britain are currently not taking any further action (the article states that they are advising Merck to include this possible side effect - however, as I've mentioned above, they're a little bit out of date cos they did this in October).

The MHRA's advice is to continue taking Montelukast and speak to a doctor if concerned.

I have to say I've never come across anyone professionally or personally who's had this kind of problem with montelukast.

Hope this is a bit reassuring.



first i heard about this,

i take the chewable one thats for kids as i cant swallow the other version, never had any problems with it been taking it for the past year


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