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Hi everyone

My name is Michael and I have joined this board to share some useful information with you.

I work for a company that produces an oxygen mineral supplement called Cellfood, which over the past few years has proven to be extremely beneficial to sufferers of upper respiratory complaints such as asthma. This is not the product’s original or only use, but nevertheless has become one of its major benefits.

We get dozens of testimonials every week, and I have pasted below 2 that we received in the past couple of days. We have permission to reproduce these for the benefit of other asthma sufferers.

This is not intended as spam, but merely a chance for me to offer awareness of a product that could help asthma sufferers, and generally strengthen the immune system.

I am happy to engage in further conversation in this forum, or you can send me an email/PM. The website is

Wishing you and your loved ones abundant health and happiness.



I strongly recommend Cellfood to any Asthma sufferers, such as myself. I have used the usual inhalers for many years, but after using Cellfood (which I have now been doing for around eighteen months) I can honestly say that my usage of inhalers has dropped by 80%. Basically, without Cellfood my health would not be as good as it is now due to the debilitating effects of Asthma. This is why I have passed your company's details on to many family and friends.

Anyone who has or has had Asthma will agree how miserable it is. Cellfood is the only product I have ever known which offers nearly 100% relief from this. The before and after is a bit like having toothache and then going to the dentist to sort it, except there is no pain or side effects!

In addition to resolving my Asthma problem, the one side effect of using Cellfood is that I have not had a cold or any illness since I started using it!

Thanks again for your fantastic product.




I have been taking Cellfood for over two years now, and its affect on my asthma has been amazing. From 16 my asthma gradually worsened until I was on the most powerful steroid anti inflammatory and reliever inhalers. I also had frequent chest infections. I was often put on courses of prednisolone, but after some years even this became less effective.My peak flow measurements were sometimes as low as 200 for days.

My doctor had run out of options with me, admitting that some patients do not respond well to steroid treatment. Then my wife read an article about a lady from Hungary who had come to live in London and developed asthma. She was directed to Cellfood by an acupuncturist and her condition quickly improved.

I was aware that one of the problems for asthmatics is lack of oxygen due to inflammation. so I went online and bought some Cellfood. After a couple of weeks I began coughing up lots of phlegm and I noticed in my job with children in care I was able to run with them without getting wheezy.

I also stopped getting so many chest infections and needed to use my reliever inhaler less. My doctor remarked that I wasn't coming to the surgery so often and I told her about Cellfood. She was quite amazed, and although she doesn't believe in the science behind it, she admits that I have improved tremendously.

My asthma is still there, but I use my inhalers much less and the wheezy rattle I always had is gone. I have told a few other asthma sufferers about Cellfood and even given them bottles to try; but it seems to me that they expect overnight miracles and don't persevere taking the Cellfood. I find this quite strange as my life was so dominated by asthma that I followed the instructions to the letter. I am glad I did!

Thank you Cellfood!


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