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How long is getting better going to take?

I know Im being a bit of a Victor Meldrew but I am now pretty fed up. Had asthma for a while but my first major attack on 15th April followed by the usual preds and antibiotics. Returned to doctor following week feeling okish. Doctor says chest infection - more antibiotics. Went to work on Monday of this week and got sent home and told 'don't come back until your cough is gone!' I think I got on everyones nerves, but tbh I don't notice me coughing, I have just got used to it! Returned to doctor this week as I am still using 6 puffs of symbicort and at least 8 puffs of ventolin a day and he has given me another week off work. I am never off work, I am so cross with my lungs! I thought yesterday afternoon I was feeling much better and back to my old self, but oh no, my lungs let me down again and I am now feeling completely exhausted again. My mouth and throat are really sore from taking so many doses of my inhalers, my back and neck ache and I am official the most fed up person in the world!! My morning peak flow is 300 and my evening is 240. I feel as though I am about 70 - I asked my pensioner parents to check their peak flow and my mum got 450 and dad got 600. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DONT FEEL BETTER!! Any ideas on what I can do to boost my immune system and restore my energy levels. I have three children and lots to do but my batteries have run out!

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hi magical mum,

sorry your not to good at the moment.

just rest when you can and increase vit c if you can.

Best to go to your docs and have a asthma medical review or action plan alterd .

love Glynis xxx

EDIT-Asthma attacks can take weeks to get over and leave you physicaly the best one

to help he might give you something to help xxx


Glynis is right - asthma attacks can take a long time to get over and you must be tired with 3 children anyway. Rest when you can, try taking Vit C and a good quality multi vitamin and drink plenty of fluids. Echinacea and Sellenium were recommended for my 13 yr old son and he's taken them for over a year - they are supposed to be good for the immune system. Good luck and feel free to PM me.


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