Cold gone to chest ?

Hi there, just looking for some advice really.

I have had Asthma almost 2 years now. I am getting over a cold which is making me quite wheezy (when I laugh I burst out into wheezyness & then start coughing). I am on Seretide 125 x2 puffs twice a day & Ventolin as & when needed which is 2 puffs every 4 hours at mo. Does anyone know if there's anything else I can do ?

Any advice welcome !



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  • Claire hi,i too remain very wheezy after, during and before a cold it sometimes goes hand in hand with the asthma. but if you are still struggling with the asthma side of things. i would go and see your gp if you are still having problems after taken your meds, ring and get emergency appointment today just say your still having problems with your asthma even after taken your inhalers you should be seen straight away.

    hope you feel better soon


  • Hi Spider,

    Thanks for your reply, my dr's don't have any appointments left for today but I'm going to go to the Walk in Centre instead (this is same place as my Dr).

    I will let you know what happens.

    Thanks again,


  • glad you are off to the GP - you might need to increase your meds for a bit after a cold, but you shouldn't do taht without checking first.

    Hope you better soon


  • Hi Claire,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. How did it go at the Walk in Centre?


  • Hi

    I'm new here.

    I have currently got a chest infection and my breathing is awful and my chest really hurts. My peak flow is 220.

    How is everyone else doing??


  • claire hope all went ok with docs?


  • if there's no way you can be seen by your GP dont hesitate to go along to your nearest hospital casualty department..they wont chase you away:)

  • Hi !! Thanks for all your replies. Sorry I've not replied till now but I don't have internet at home !! Went to the Walk in Centre, saw a nurse & then a Dr. The nurse wasn't too happy about me, my O2 level was ok, peakflow wasn't bad (450 I'm usually 520) but I was quite wheezy & had coughed up some green (yuck!) The Dr listened to my chest & said 'clear as a bell' he said my throat was bright red & that was where wheezing was coming from I told him about the yucky stuff & he didn't say anything, just to keep taking my meds ! I'm not coughing up so much green now, more off white. I think the Ventolin I had taken must have taken time to kick-in.

    Hope everyone feels better soon,

    Claireb xx

  • Hi Claire

    hope you're feeling better, my colds also go to my chest and sometimes put me in hospital, but the doc usually give me a short course of prednisolone and I also take singulair which has woked wonders for my phlegm problem! I also have some amazing herbal cough medicine called ivy and thyme!!!

  • colds are awful with asthma. i've been choked up for over a week now and it makes me feel rotton. is it quite a good herbal cough remedy? much prefer herbal things as i feel i'm on too many prescription medicines.

  • I went to see a Respiratory Dr at my surgery & he suggested I probably need to be on 250 Seretide for winter months & Seretide 125 for the warmer months, which is how it seems to go anyway! He has also given me a New type of inhaler, the Accuhaler 500, so that'll take some getting used to !!!

    Hopefully it'll all clear up soon (I'm fed up with comments about give up the fags, when I've Never smoked)!

    The herbal cough mixture sounds interesting though!!

    Thanks again,


  • your doc sounds really helpful! i went back today as this cold has really knocked me for six. i came out with a prescription for two new easi breathe salamol inhalors and 2 mdi's for use with my spacer so just to use it more when not feeling great - argh!

  • The herbal cough medicine works wonders, you put 15 drops in a small amount of water 2/3 times a day for as long as you need to and it really helps to ease chesty coughs, you can buy it from holland and barret health store.

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