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Short course of Pred-any advice ?

Hello !! It's been a while since I last posted. Mostly because I fell pregnant last March, all went well, born Dec (2007) little girl. Sorry don't mean to waffle, I have a minor cold which has made my asthma bad, seen GP & she gave me Antib's for 7 days & Pred for 5 days. This is a bit scary as not had Pred before. I have been taking Lemsip cold & flu capsules (for cold) does anyone know if it's ok to still take these as well as Pred ?

My normal meds are: Seretide 250, Ventolin & Singulair.

Any advice welcomed !


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Hi Claire, congratulations on the birth of your little girl! Pleased to hear all went well.

Yes, you are fine to carry on taking your Lemsip stuff alongside pred. Hope you feel better soon.



Oh that's great, thanks very much cathbear !


First time to A & E

Well that was an exciting night, I luckily called 999 before a major car crash happened at end of our road. I had my first Neb at home by ambo's then as that didn't help much they took me in, which followed oxygen & another neb.

They gave me Salbutamol & another 1 which was a lot better - no shakes.

Am now starting my gluey chest infection - nice.

My husband thought I was over reacting so I had to call 999 myself !! Glad I did.


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