sharp pain in ribs under chest

hi all just wondered has anyone ever had a sharp pain kinda in your ribs on one side im not looking to be diagnoised or anythng just that i am on 2 lots of antibiotics and still coughn with pred , though im reduing down , i think i may have pulled somthing coughn any one ever done this its worse when i cough and exhale so any of you old crocks like myself ever done this ////?///

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  • I have that too


    i have that too. After a recent trip to A&E (im mid asthma flare up) i asked a doctor about that who said it is ok for the pain as it a muscular thing. My one is from my continous coughing!

    take care


  • sharp pain in ribs under chest

    ow thanks for getting back to me went to a center this afternoon to do some shopping and was doubled over when i coughed i does feel like muscular just so painfull i was imaging all sorts of things thanks again !

  • I would go and ask your gp if he can send you for an xray just to be on safe side, it could be a broken rib or just a fractured muscle but you can certainly get some strong painkillers to help dull the pain.


  • Muscles don't fracture

  • result

    well took the advice and went to gp after nearly collasping with the pain , sent me straight to ane . afterwaitng 5 hours to be seen was told chest x ray was clear bloods clear so my pain was from my musels under rib cage i had pulled something from coughing so much the previous week , had been in a bad way !! so this is a new one for my books after having 3 kids i never thought pain could be so bad ouch!! so i ask myself no infection so why am i still coughing the pain killers are brill but when i cough its so bad, so question to all am i 2 be left with this constamt cough with no infection . any thoughts breathing is the best it has been in months strange!!

  • To me it sounds like it could be a muscle or a broken rib. I've strained a muscle once and broken ribs twice. For me the muscle pain went away after about a week or so with strong pain killers that made me fall asleep, but with the ribs it last for a long long time. The pain was there for about a month, but i could still feel it 3 months later if i did strange things with my body (eg. turned in a weir way or coughed/sneezed really hard). When I strained the muscle it hurt more when i was inhaling though.

  • pain in ribs high up under breast

    hi thanks a mil a week nearly on pain killers and am no better , my other half is lossing it with me sorry to have a rant , but when people are sick of you complaining , , i can understand x ray came back clear bloods clear . i was sure i had some form of cancer sorry to say it i was in so much pain i though this has to be serious , noone could have pain this bad without it been really serious. to describe it its like someone sticking a knife under your ribs and twisting it when i cough or bend down . im on very strong pain killers and am waiting for the 4 hours to take more . my gp says it could take 6 weeks , to clear up im not looking to be diagnoised or any thing as ive been to hos and gp but if anyone has gone through this sort oif pain brought on from a bad lung infection please reply as im so distressed that its not any better aweek on , you all offer such great advice even if its an experience you dont feel so alone love 2 all carolinexx

  • I can sympathise with you as I had severe pain on breathing & coughing with pleurisy following an infection which had gone on a long time.That was just on one side. Similar to when I fractured a couple of ribs in a car accident, really sharp and stabbing so all you can do is breathe shallowly, but of course that's not good to do for long. Any pain on breathing soon gets you down, as there's no getting away from it. The only thing that helped me, in addition to analgesia, was a warm pad on the affected side. If it's really getting you down still, I'd go back to the dr again.

  • oh by the way

    Lying on the bad side helps, or if you're sitting up, lean the painful side against firm cushions with a microwaveable bean bag or similar between ribs and cushions. Mine was high up on the left side, right at the side and just under my breast

    Pleurisy pain can take several weeks to go entirely, but it may help you to know that it gets a great deal more comfortable after 10-14 days. That was my experience anyway. I think it's usually caused by an infection.

  • Hi, I sometimes suffer with sharp stabbing pain in chest (usually at top of rib cage on my Left side), comes on very suddenly with breathing in, followed immediatly with tight chest and shortness of breath.When it happens, i can bearly move without it hurting and it can last for quite a while. I have found myself in funny positions on the floor just to relieve the pain LOL. The pain is like a knife in my chest and is quite frightening. My Asthma nurse and G.P have informed me it is inflamation of the muscle tissue between the ribs, which is caused by Asthma, can be triggered by stress (usually my 19 year old son!!).

    Hope this helps confirm what you have been told.

  • I'm having same problems with pain at the moment. I can't lie down, even propped up as the pain is too intense. Going to be fun trying to get some sleep. Only got 4 hours due to severe attack, oxygen and double nebs, was in shock and couldn't sleep. I'm on pred but it's not helping and not coughing just chest pain. Hope you all feel better soon


  • hi, i tried to sing at church today and gained the pain, so i quickly stopped singing and took some painkillers and it solved the problem. I think it is body saying slow down, we want to work but are tired. Maybe, otherwise see your GP. I know mine is often pluerisy/ pulled muslces from coughing / me managing to fracture ribs coughing.

    PLease take care rattles and others!

    And if worried please please please contact your medical team!


  • pain in ribs

    hi all thanks for all the replies , glad that im not the only one with this as you can imagine i was thinking all sorts, my gp wrote in the hospital letter it was pleuric pain but the hospital didt actually say that in fact thy didt say what it was at all just that everything came back clear x ray bloods , gave me tylex they are good but make you so tired , alittle better today thanks a lot guys for all the replies XX

  • Sounds like damage such as a tear to the intercostal muscles. Common in people with respiratory distress and lots of coughing. Treatment is painkillers, but be aware that some asthmatics can't take ibuprufen (Nurofen) or aspirin.

  • pain in ribs

    yea that sounds like what it is checked out some websites and they all say the same tanks amil !!

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