sick again

hi all just really fed up at the mo been sick 4 weeks now including my 5 nt stay in hospital got antibiotics and steroids from doc on thur was great for 2 days now coughing up gunk and wheezing again is this ever going to ease up as im really annoyed , never take this long to recover from a bout. should i still be coughing even on 40 pred (the dred}. sorry just want a moan !!

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  • HI Hudson2332,

    Sorry your not to well again and hospital stay.

    My asthma always makes me cough realy bad and if gunk is yellow or green its more than not a chest infection like what your doc has treated you for also.

    Coughing can take a while to settle with the inflamation.

    I usualy try stuff for a normal cough to help settle my cough.

    Good luck Hudson .love Glynis xxxxx

  • sick again

    hi its just so annoying not much chance of getting off pred at the mo anyway my lovely moon face is stopping me looking in the mirror why cant i bethe one that steroids dont effect their looks. sorry to rant just dont no whether to go back for more antibiotics as they finished 2 day and still not well .......``

  • Just stick in there hudson. Don't count the days but smile as each day you improve. Took me ages to recover from last bout and a daily dose of 30 mg of the pred. I got the fat face, Pregnant belly including the stretch marks ( as I'm a bloke I just tell people its a beer gut as fed up explaining) but don't worry will go when ur pred gets reduced or stopped.

  • sick again

    hi sorry to rant but has anyone been short of breath like a choking feeling and yet peak flows are ok i no i should ,t ask for med advice just loking for symptoms of others as i said on pred 40 mg thanks for advice!!

  • Hi Hudson,

    If you have a flare up of asthma you will have a cough because it is your lungs way of clearing the mucus out of the airways this is natural. It means that mucus is blocking where air wants to get through basically.

    Glad you pointed out you were looking for symptom help not medical advise makes a nice change.

    It could take anything up to a month to settle down. Have you been shown how to do deep breathing exercises or huffing? These can help with the choking feeling if it is excess mucus causing it.

    If you are worried though just ring your GP they will be happy to see you daily till you are more confident with handling your asthma alone.

    I would recommend you concentrate on focusing your mind on what you can do although i know how hard this is.

    I have just come out of hospital myself and i am thankful that i can sit up in bed and play on my laptop it is a big achievement from where i have been, but i walk normal to toielt i wobble but i am just focusing on what i can do. Feel free to pm me or to chat on here i will be around a lot this week


  • This ultra dry air and very cold weather we've been having - the roads and pavements have that dried out grey look about them - is worst for my own asthma. Closing throat feeling, even when wearing my scarf/Buff doubled over nose and mouth.

    As per my Action Plan, I've upped the Symbicort to 3 puffs twice a day. Plus two puffs of salbutamol just before leaving the house and again when reach destination.

    Deep snow today will, crosses fingers, add to moisture content of air.

  • sick again

    thank you all so much yes i did feel like i was choking on mucusy in my throath sorry to be so yuki but its the only way i can put it great advice and am more uplifing today cheers !!

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