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Firsly hello to everyone, I am new here and this is my first post.

I am struggling big time with my asthma right now it was really well controlled untill recently, but now its rubbish and I am finding it harder and harder to cope. I have been in hospital every 2-4 weeks needing aminophyline and magnessium, including one admission to ICU. I have been on prednisalone 40 mg since Christmas everytime they wean it down I am back in hospital It makes life very hard to cope with.

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I think most of us on here are uncontrolled, all to different degrees.

Post when you need to and someone will always make sure your post is replied to.

Bronnie xxxx


hey sadwheezer!

sorry to hear that u r having a bad time of it! i was in the same situation as u abou 6 months ago, on all of the same sorta meds as u and still no control and like u a stint in ITU, 2 weeks lol

are u under a consultant? if not u need a review now! if you r they should be admitting you for a load of test, my hosital do it over a week so that they can see your asthma inside out, what triggers it, how bad it is on your medication, how 'twichy' your airways are ect. and then take it from there! are r a lot of meddy's out there for us 'strange' asthmatics.

hope this helps, PM me if you need to chat, need extra advice ect

look after your self

rob x x


Thankyou for your replys its nice to know I am not so alone.


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