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joint pain and coming out of hospital

i am hoping someone maybe able to shed some light. I ahve just come out of hospital after spending three weeks in with my asthma but this morning and all last night i have had a crushing feeling in my knees and ankles.

i spent 11 weeks in hopital over the summer and had muscle weakness ect when i came out whihc i almost expect after every admission from being laid up to then doing more but never had joint pain like this. i take stuff fro my bones etc due to long term high dose pred but just wondering if anyone has a similar problem. i have been taking paracetamol whihc helps abit but have to be careful taking painkillers due to allergies. also is it better to put heat or cold on joints?

any help would be much apprecietd


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when I had physio on my knee - if it got painful during the session the physio guy would wrap my knee in ice.

So I'm guessing cold!

Hope this helps!




Any alterations in steroid production either by own body if it still produces any or given can cause joint and bone pain aswell as muscle weekness aswell as any amount of reduced mobility, so prob a combination of things, plus drugs given for bones can actually cause bone pain. It could also be associated with an inflammatory arthritis condition which has previously been un noticed because of high steroids as that the treatment?

Suggest talking to gp?

Andrea xx


Hi Olive,

As said already, steroids can play havoc with joints when you reduce the doses.

Steroids can mask a lot of other inflamatory diseases such as arthritis and polymyalgia ( though rare in under 60s) etc. Oh and sinus infections too!

I get pain for a few days every time I reduce my pred though I am at 7.5mg now and can't go any lower. Lack of excersise is also a problem and then begining to excersise can cause pain. I have been a bit more active recently and am getting all sorts of aches & pains - probably due to the mucsles being weakened by the steroids and lack of use - I discovered ham strings this week! LOL! (I didn't know they were that close to my bum!)

I perfer warmth for aches. another thing that I use is a TeNS machine when really painfull, also glucosamine gel ( From H&B) - I can't take glucosamine tablets as they act like senna on me!

Hope this helps.




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