Who loves a & e not!!

After a brief visit to the local costa where I might add, I have frequent flyer miles, I was more fed up with the care than usual. Cons reviewed briefly when my boss took me in, then handed over to a newbie doc. 'can we site a canular? No said I. Your not doing your peak flow properly, well I am not doing it again. I was a bit of a mare I admit, but 4 nebs later and with sats of 93 I said yes much better now, I am off. I am a seasoned asthmatic and although much better controlled nowadays, I was once a RBH patient, and as we all know we know much more about our chests than most a&e docs!

Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations fellow wheezers, enjoy your days xx

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  • Have come to the conclusion that you always meet some one who will annoy you in A & E, I was once a seasoned RBH patient and often feel my downfall is knowing too much, but all said and one my local A & E have been marvellous lately, and I am for one thankful they exist.

  • Nicely put katina. I agree we all have problems with a and e ... but how many of us owe thanks to a an e. I think some of us can be less tolerant when unwell .... I'm a right crab and know it all dr get up my nose .... But they quickly learn

  • Now am feeling better and feeling more positive, I was probably just cross that I was there. They have looked after me well in the past, I was obviously a grump xx

  • Nothing like an asthma attack to make you feel grumpy! Hope you carry on improving.

  • Glad ur feeling better ...... My wife has quickly worked out me being a grump and my lack of tolerance Is a sign I'm unwell ESP When I'm Trying to hide it ...... Just to confuse her decided to be grumpy all the time ha ha ha ha

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