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is this normal?

three weeks ago I came down with a bad cold that knocked me for 6 & hit my chest hard too & I ended up on a 5 day course of pred (first time ever needing steroids for a cold in 25yrs!) which really helped my breathing.

In the last couple of weeks I have slowly improved & tonight I went back to work - I work on a check out in a big supermarket - and my breathing has gone wrong again, I needed my reliever on an almost hr or 2hr basis and even now, after 6 puffs of ventolin 200mcg & 4 puffs of symbicort 200/6mcg I still have a tight feeling, getting out of breathe very easily & that horrible asthma cough.

Question is, is this normal or should I be going back 2 my gp?


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I think you already know the answer to that! If you're needing that much reliever that often it's a trip to the docs (or A&E if you need to). Take care, hope you feel better soon. xx


Could well be something i your work environment thats causing it , ask yer doc to give you an allergy test if you havnt had one , and explain to them whats happening. Gaz


Hi Christine. I would definitely go back to GP if I were you. Hope u feel better soon.


Hi Christine,

Going to agree with the others but I suspect it's something at work that's the trigger, or maybe simply going out late at night in the cold air to get to work, especially if you've not been going out later at night and not been in contact with that trigger recently. Last night/yesterday was bitterly cold.



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