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not getting better

Hi fellow breathers

Been having a rough time of it lately , about two months ago i went onto champix just as the weather got hotter too,started dyhidrating badly , which in turn cause my stomach ""ibs"" to go mad, my meds""diabetic/pain"" were going in and coming out rather fast , so wernt actually doing anything and since then my asthma has got worse, with complications , i have sinus and chest pain alot at night , i cant sleep on my usual side now, i was put on steroids last week but they aint working last night was a shocker for me anyway , started making very strange moaning noises when i tried to cough and had a real bad time breathing,which is now dry as a bone and has been for a month or more now,unusual for me. luckly i found this site and used the info on here to help me get through the night, using my bluey inhaler every five mins until it got alittle better, still rather bad , my flows have dropped from 450-500 to 300 over the last coupe of months, sweating and feeling very light headed, was on the boarder of getting an emergency appointment at the docs today , but as usual chickened out:-) im also diabetic and suffer from arthritus to name a few bodily mishaps.

Any advice would help , especially for my wife whos burning my ears :-) Gaz

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In my humble and inexpert opinion, I would say that you need to see a dr asap.

I really hope you feel better soon, this sounds absolutely rotten :(


please see your doctor

Sorry you are so unwell but let your doctor sort you out. They have all the details and should be able to answer most of your concerns.I got help from A + E when I was having a bad time of it.As my Gp was unavailable at the time. Here's hoping you get better soon.

Take care



hi mrgee,

Iwould deff go see your doctor for a meds update to see if you are on the right meds,

hope your arthritis is ok and diabetes .

good luck and hope you feel better soon xxxx


Thanks for yer concern peoples, been having another rather funny turn , seems worse at night , get my sinuses on the left of my face play up , then what could be acid indegestion , but dosnt react to any antiacid or indegestion remedy, then the breathing gets bad , can cough but its like a rolling cough if that makes sense, feels like bubbling fluid but no fluid coming up dry as a bone , rather wierd feeling never had it before, have to keep to very short shallow breathes, off the steroids now and got to see the doc on tuesday, manage to get 4 wholes hours sleep yesterday, the best sleep ive had in months:-)Did notice my sugar levels very high, could be why i was getting chest pain, not the acidy pain though, 19.5 not good, doc did warn me about it though.Well looking forward to another night of fun and games.Cheers peoples Gaz


Thanks , hoping to last till tuesday :-0 making rather funny growling noises , and no im not taking the wee wee, never had an asthma attack as such before so not sure for certain its just asthma and not a combination of things, it certainly dont like me laying down and apart from using me bluey standing up helps, beginning to wonder wether this might be acid reflux???? my throat does tighten and voice gets courser, either way it aint pleasant, hoping to get on antibios for the sinuses as its been nearly 2 months since that started. well pinkies cross and thanks for yer concern .Gaz


Morning peoples

just an update, well things got abit hairy so i went to the docs , got put on steriods, antibios and domperidone, i was suffering acid reflux and asthma attacks plus me sinuses were giving me grief, however? the guts have calmed down abit now ,the sinuses are back to some normality , but im now coughing up blood,and me breathing is still bad. got an emergency appontment with the locum yesterday and have to do 3 gob tests, blood tests and xray, on top of that ive just had a scan on me short and curlies, so will find out whats happening there next monday. Had a lousy birthday too , it piddled down and the little river i was supposed to fly fish was a no go , with a round trip of 220 miles i wernt a happy bunny :-( the wife got the hump cause i didnt tell her iwas coughing up blood and now is unhappy because i am, you cant blimming win can yer :-) Gaz


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