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Repair noisy old nebuliser or buy nice small quiet one?


I have had a medix traveller nebuliser for years and it has recently gone full stop on me. It is noisy (when working!) and bulky too (never did fit in my kayak) so was thinking about either sending it for repair or buying a different model. Will be tricky to get repaired as i live in an isolated place. Any suggestions or web sites to browse?


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I think you should buy a new nebuliser! I have the OMRON microair one. Its fab. Its tiny so fits into my handbag which is great, its silent which is a real plus if its 4 in the morning and it works just as well (i think) as my old mains neb.

Anyway check out this website...

I have bought stuff from them before so they are reliable and really cheap.

Any other questions, just message me :D

Char xx


Buy a new one, was checking for someone else the other day and look at evergreen nebulisers they were the cheapest as their price includes delivery etc.



treat yourself to new one, omron microair fab you wont look back, cheapest at evergreen and good service too, think mmine was £140 with mains adaptor, but in this months asthma mag advert for medix microair from clement-clarke for £110.

andrea xxx


get a new one!

I ahve a medix one that I keep at home and treated myself to an omron microair for when i'm out and about - i love it, it's so small and discrete and fab - well worth every penny!


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