Codeine Phosphate and Asthma


I have been prescribed Di-hydrocodeine for Arthritis pain for the past 12 years or so and have experienced little to no adverse effects.

Due to changes in the medical formulary, my GP has changed my painkiller to Codeine Phosphate and i am quite cautious due to the warnings of negative interactions with Asthma.

Is anyone else taking the Co-Phos and if so have you experienced any effects? Could anyone suggest a better alternative?

Many Thanks

Joules x

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  • hi jules

    Itook Di Hidrocodine for years as got OA In most of my joints in back and neck.

    They always bun me up.

    when I changed mine over had terable side effects as on max dose for a week and realy bad.

    Im on tramadol now,arcoxia and amitryptaline that is a antidepresant but OA doc uses them for OA in spine .love Glynis.

    hope you go on ok and not to many side effects. xxx

    edit- not had codine phosphate xxx

  • Hi i take this and dont have any problems with my asthma


  • Hi

    I use to take it for my OA and never had any probs other than like other say it bunging me up.


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