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Advice needed please

I know I posted earlier on regarding intal but I am now posting for some advice. I am intal easi breathe as I find it hard to get on with normal intal inhaler.I have been waiting two weeks for my latest script from Boots and there are experiencing great difficulty in obtaining it. Two other chemists have told me that its discontinued. I don't really get on with intal normal inhaler or the spin haler. I am going to see asthma nurse on Thursday about it has anyone got any suggestions before I go.Thanks a lotWanda

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There may be problems getting it as the BNF states it has cfc propellants in it!

""Cromogen Easi-Breathe®(IVAX)

Aerosol inhalation, sodium cromoglicate 5 mg/metered inhalation. Net price 112-dose breath-actuated unit = £13.91. Label: 8

Excipients: include CFC propellants""

And I believe that cfc devices have been withdrawn.

If you dont get on with the other inhalers Intal according to the BNF does also come in nebulisers:

""Nebuliser solution sodium cromoglicate 10 mg/mL. Net price 2-mL amp = 32p. For use with power-operated nebuliser


If you are not getting on with normal inhaler due to coordination problems (that is why I use easy breath for my ventolin never seem to get that psushing and breathing at the right times) using a spacer may halp as this eliminates the need for coordination. I hope that your asthma nurse will be able to come up with some better sugestions.


Thanks for your advice Anna and Wheezer.

Anna it was not so much the co-ordination I didn't get on with but the fact the medication is so thick and gungy.

Wheezer thanks for that suggestion I did wonder if that was adding to it.

I have seen my asthma nurse today and been changed to Tilade which apart from the taste is much pleasenter to take and is CFC free.

Thanks again



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