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Sinusitis & asthma, who 'nose' - Update added


Sorry for pun but sure I remember seeing this a while ago. Just wondering if anyone is in the same situation. Seems to be ongoing and if can clear sinuses may help asthma.

Have had allergic sinusitis/hayfever for years & infection since christmas with a lot of 'post nasal drip' gunge but at least my nose is clear. Finally got G.P. to send off sample after 3 lots antibiotics which has shown as sensitive to something I haven't tried and not allergic to. Hopes this works as nasal/sinus rinse and Nasonex etc haven't done a lot.

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hey TJ.

i am sure u have already tried it, but i find flixonase spray very effective ?


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How long can you use this for.?

Thanks Snowygirl but yep have tried it.

Anyone been referred to ENT and had surgery? G.P. seems to have experience and is trying antibiotics levels they would

I'd imagine somebody's suggested them to you, but in case they haven't, saline sinus rinse bottles can be very effective for some people at clearing up persistent sinusitis/rhinitis - you literally rinse out your nose/sinuses with warm saline solution.

I do it daily and rarely have sinus problems now, having had the full Nasonex, Flixonase nasules followed by ENT/CT scan, etc. investigations. Recently, My GP agreed to drop the Nasonex because the saline rinse alone seems to be helping more than any medicines ever did.

Neilmed is the most easily available brand in England (many Boots stores stock the bottles/saline rinse sachets) as standard, but there are others available online if you search.

I take 1 cetrizine tablet in the morning and then a sinutab 2 other times through the day and this is the only thing that works for me. Not even the saline rinse works for me. Hope you get some relief soon it is horrid having to deal with nasel issues on top of asthma too

TJ - my teeneage son was referred to ENT consultant after several years of constant 'colds', headaches and sore throats. Was always sneezing and blowing his nose, GP and consultant didnt seem very interested and I suggested it was rhinitis after doing some basic research on Internet.

ENT consultant diagnosed severe allergic rhinitis, also said something wrong with one of the nasal passages and an operation to straighten it would help the symptoms. BUT would have to wait for son to reach 16 at least (he was 12!). He recommended SinusRinse (Neilmed) and carry on with antihistamine and Nasonex. SinusRinse made no difference, nor Nasonex. About 10 months ago he changed to Avamys nasal spray and whether it's a coincidence or not, his symptoms improved dramatically. Allergy consultant added in Piriton at night (takes Neoclarity in morning) and confirmed he is allergic to lots of things.

My husband who has troublesome sinuses started using the SinusRinse and thinks it's wonderful, so it wasnt a total waste. I couldnt find it in our Boots store the last few times I went in, so ordered it online.

Evening everyone,

Have been doing nasal saline rinse (made-up at home as per ENT instuctions when I saw them briefly a few years ago about possible glue ear) for a while, Neilmed is one of several branded preparations. It helps for a short while i.e. hours after doing it but not overall.

Asthma family, haven't tried sinutabs for a few years as they never seemed to do anything.

Angievere, Avamys nasal spray has the same active ingredient fluticasone as Boots/Flixonase which hasn't done much either, grrr. Luckily, my nose seems ok apart from sneezing/itching as it all goes down the back of my throat a.k.a post nasal drip.

Will see how antibs go this week and go back to G.P. for referral?

TJ - Best thing to do is ask for a referral to ENT. I had to push for it and it took a while for appointment to come through but definitely worth it.

TJ, I have a similar problem and I've taken to spending a few minutes in the steam room each morning when I go for my swim (not too long as the lungs don't like it much). Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, holding one nostril closed if necessary for as long as you can manage.

I know that not everybody has a swimming pool just round the corner, but I thought that maybe the tried and trusted bowl of water and tea towel over the head might help.

Good luck with it.


Thanks Annista,

Have a facial steamer at home and gym membership includes sauna/steam room etc.


Have been to ENT in NHS treatment centre as local hospital wouldn't even have seen me yet (appt was postponed I suspect due to holiday dates not confirmed before clinic booked, grrr). It took several appointments rather than their 'one-stop visit' claim though as had CT scan elsewhere & allergy blood tests... Avamys nasal spray helped a bit.

Anyway, been yesterday and consultant agreed pred. would explain why sinuses looked fairly clear on CT which did show deviated septum. Options were long term pred to help sinuses - not ideal - or FESS/septoplasty op which we decided was best option and what I was expecting since referral by GP.

Finally feels like something is been done that hopefully will work :) Got offered next Tuesday (way too soon) or early August but no dates on system and scheduler off til Monday. Not looking forward to first general anaesthetic or after effects but hey a bit of short term pain hopefully to help in the long run

I have Allergic Rhinitus/Hayfever so my gp gave me Flixonase Nasule Drops. They work very well and I only take them once a day. Only downside I do get the odd nosebleed.


Avimys is very similar to Flixonase but different. Has very different effects in a lot of people.

Similar...have tried all the non medical (rinses etc) and no joy...u may need a nasal spray to stop the drip into your lungs. Mine comes and goes, some OTC meds can help shortterm, sinutab and the likes.

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