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Serevent and Montelukast

I have just been put on serevent, and my doctor said something about my tablets but i was not sure if he was referring to that inhaler. Can you take serevent and montelukast together. also i have to have a spirometry. anyone had one, what is it like and what does it do

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why dont you give the gp nurse a quick ring and see what she thinks about the 2 meds together. sorry no idea. ive just been put back on montelukast and even though i know it doesnt work for me (tried it before) im giving it another shot as the consultant in hospital said it was worth another go to try and reduce night time coughing. the spirometry tests i find are not pleasant as they make me cough and feel very weak after them due to the effort of blowing but they are nothing to worry about and it just involves blowing at different lengths of time with your nose blocked with a peg so that the doc can get readings of your lung capacity.


My little girl takes serevent and Montelukast together along with several other drugs. If you are concerned thoug, I would give your asthma nurse a quick call.


There is no problems taking them together. However I noticed on flixotide too so cant see why you dont get sertide inhaler.

Spiro is fancy peak flows, looking at how fast breath out etc.


u can defo take the two together :)

spirometry is like peak flow, fancy lung function tests that measure lung volumes, capacity etc, you blow into a tube. they will ask you to stay off your blue inh for bout 4 hrs before doing the test if you can, but if cant justy let them know so they can record that you have taken it, but take your morning inh and meds as usual.



I was on seretide but it did not work for me, neither did symbicort, and even the ones i am on at the moment are giving no relief and still really struggling with shortness of breath


Sertide is Servent plus flixotide... there is another combination one that I cant remeber the name.

Shortness of breath might just not be asthma, what I say to everyone.


Hi Sinead

I'm on 2 x 250 Seretide twice a day and was prescribed Montelukast a month ago. My peakflow went up after the first couple of doses it was pretty amazing! I feel so much better. Give it a try!



i have been tested for other things, that might be causing it and they were clear, but doctor wont do anything even though i am really struggling because i dont wheeze, well not everyone does, i only ever wheeze when got a infection.

i dont know why i have been put on serevent and flixotide, if it is the same as seretide and was on that for a year on highest dose and didnt work, also been on montelukast for 2 years and made no difference


I am thinking more of the lines of dysfunctional breathing, so physio's are great

Youve said been tested for other things but I confused as you never had spiro and thats the first line in resp testing


and no i do not hyperventilate, i think i would know if i was as i know my conditions and body very well and i meant i have been tested for other conditions that cause shortness of breath


I think Bizkid may just have been pointing out that there are lots of other conditions that cause shortness of breath and that it might be worth investigating all other options thoroughly before resorting to more medication for asthma (which might make you feel worse rather than better depending on what is causing it).

Something like spirometry can help confirm whether it is asthma, or suggest that it is something else entirely.

It's always worth looking at all the options to see what can easily be treated or ruled out.


Wooo Im only trying to help. Conditions such as asthma do change and you may thing you know yourself but may learn something. I am still learning after years of the system and medical background listen to others is the best tool. Drugs arent the only answer and simple things can make a massive difference for me I find accupuncture helps a little. You shouldn't feel that the only mamagement is drugs

Hyperventilation is different from dysfunctional breathing. Over time your body gets used to needing more air and you just un-counsiously get in a pattern of air hunger. Dosnt mean your panicking. Sometimes you dotn know when doing these things until someone says. Most asthmatics have some degree of hyoerventilation it is not mean panic attack. Chronic hyperventilation can go un-noticed and means un-nessecary drugs and sure you are keen not to have drugs you dont need and be on as little as possible. Asthma medciations over time cause more problems than what they are somtimes worth.

Still cant see how you say all other resp conditions when havent had spiro as it is the first test usually done. In clinic I do it everytime I go


no way in hell would i have acupuncture, i have to rely on meds as i cant afford alternative therapies, and i meant i have been test for non respitatroy conditions that cause shortness of breath like thyroid problems


It was just an idea some alternitive theapies are on NHS, simple things like physios good regular exercise. Even the most poor people can have nondrug options. Accupuncture is just one idea I find works, I cant realy afford it but better than side effects of drugs it is your health.

Drugs shouldnt be the only option as as I keep banging on about can cause more damage,

I understand about the testing bit now!!! But some things arent testable.

If I was you I would:

- Get to chest physio used to working with people with chronic short of breath and can provide simple exercises and measures to help with cough supressions etc

-See pharamist for medcine review, and discuss side effects

-Make sure hayfever/allergies are prevented by regular antihistames (might need to try a few)

-Stay active even if its just a walk around the block. Can get free/reduced gym memebership inculding classes from GP. I went to pilates for £1 a session and swimming was free



I have just found this link whilst looking for something else but thought the diagram might show you what the other were trying to explain about other diagnosis and/or additional diagnosis in unresponsive/hard to treat asthma. It is not to suggest you don't know or understand but more that there are so many things that can mimick asthma I guess. For example, I have confirmed brittle asthma but I also have sinusitis which has an imapct on my asthma that further medication may not necessarily help and which makes some asthma therapies, such as powder inhalers, unsuitable for me.

Hope this makes sense:


Take care and hope you get the answers you are looking for soon

Nicola x


Nic is talking sense there, there could be other conditions making asthma worse.. sinusu, acid reflux, dysfunctional breathin and VCD that ismple management could make an improvement.


a guide for choices and medication, and other conditions that is realy good to read


montelukast not working anymore

Hi all, this is my first post, will give u abrief history of my asthma.

Been asthmatic sine I was 2 am almost 31 now so do not know what it is like not to have had any breathing problems. My astham in childhood was very uncontrolled and I always seemed to be in hospital, trying different treatments and having regular physio. Once I hit puberty, things seemed to settle down until I was around 17 when i had to be hospitalized a few times. Again things settled down for a while, through 3 pregnancies my asthma was controlled but for the past three years things seem to be getting progessively worse. I cannot leave the house without tissues, and my salbutamol inhaler which i was taking around ten times a day despite using seretide.

Regular visits to astham nurse didnt really help, just told me to double my dose of preventers and would not prescribe anti histamines so had to buy tablets and nasal sprays myself! Things came to a head a few weeks ago when I had a really bad chest infection, and ended up in HDU because the attack was really bad. It was in hospital that I was started on montelukast, the consultant could not beleive I had been struggling with rhinitis symptoms for so long, and my reliablilty on salbutamol. Initially the montelukast worked brilliantly, I felt like I had a new lease of life, shares in kleenex must have plummeted! Now however, i AM BACK TO SQUARE ONE, sniffling, itchy nose/throat/ears, constantly sneezing and a runny nose all of which make me SOB and wheeze!

Sorry to go on but I feel defeated, just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem? Am sick of taking prednisolone, and regular antibiotics, and wonder when I can live without worrying if I have a supply of tissues handy or walk upstairs without wheezing!

Joanne x


Montelukast isnt a replacment for anti-hsitamies and sounds more hayfever type so I would get some antihistamies in you, yes Drs dont always prescribe them mainly if you have to pay I have found most people find Loretidine or certizine enough which I think about £3 for am onths worth, You can then top up with nasel sprays during the summer if needed. I got told i couldnt get hayfever as on longterm pred from my GP. I would try to avoid antibiotics until your sure its infection allow body to try fight it first.

Your still early on the management plans so still options away from long term steriods!


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