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Inhaler Dosage Confusion

I’ve been prescribed by my GP to take Reliever inhaler (Ventolin) twice a day & the Preventer inhaler only when I feel out of breath. The white sticky labels on medicine from the pharmacy on the other hand state to take Ventolin 4 times a day and the preventer inhaler twice a day! Needless to say I’m confused as to which dosage to use, currently I’m sticking to what my GP said but should I switch to the pharmacy dosage or double check with the GP?

Many thanks.

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Defs what the pharmacy stickers say!

You're preventer is to prevent the symptoms so needs to be taken in the morning and evening, your reliever (blue ventolin) is for when you have got symptoms. If you explore this website and the all about asthma section it should have some good information for you!



Definitely stick with what the pharmacist said.


Alice, many thanks for the clarification!

I think it's me who got mixed up with the different dosages of the inhalers & my Rhinitis wonder I still feel my chest a bit tight as I was not taking the preventer inhaler regularly. Oh well, not too late to change; I started the asthma treatment last week so hopefully I'll get the hang of the meds soon.

Thanks again, appreciate your help.

-- Saad


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