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I know its a bit of a random question and doses vary from person to person, but what is your usual dose of Doxy?

My Gp put me on it when i was ill with pneumonia 10 weeks ago but put me on a dose of 2 tablets stat then 1 100mg tablet per day, have have about 3 courses in the last 10 weeks plus amoxy and clithero so 5 lots of anti bs in 10 weeks :( got admitted to hospital again on Wednesday with either pneumonia again or pluracy and they have started me on another course of Doxy but this time have put me on 4 tablets immediatly then 2 100mg tables a day for 7 days. When i queried the dose, they told me that my Gp had only been putting me on a half dose?? does any one have any experiance of this and what their normal dose of Doxy is? Im gonna take this up with my Gp on Monday as if i have been only on a half dose then im not a happy bunny.


Caroline xxx

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i've had the same dose as your GP gave you a couple of times in the last year, know the feeling of having a lot as have various ones for mainly sinusitis and then post surgery. I think it is a standard dose and the one hospital gave you is generally higher for more severe infections?

Hope you're feeling better soon

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Hi Caroline, whenever my GP has prescribed me doxycycline in the past, it has been 2 x 100mg stat, then 1 x 100mg tablet for the remaining course. This is the standard dose, 200mg a day is the recommended dose for severe infections.

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I used to take long term antibiotics when I was using doxycycline I had the first dosage you described 2x100mg for first week then 1x100mg for the following six months


Whenever I have been prescribed this I have had to take 2 tablets on the first day then 1 tablet for the rest of the course


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