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ventolin vs easi-breathe inhalers

Hi everyone,

hope you are all ok.

I have a question and im hoping someone can help me. I have a ventolin inhaler and struggling to co ordinate breathing in and pressing down dont really want to carry a spacer around all the time as like doing alot of sports(not easy to put in your pocket) does anybody have an easi-breathe inhaler and find it easier to use than venolin?

Thanks for any advice.

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i have the easi-breathe inhaler and i get on with it much beta.especially when having a bad attack u dont have to worry about co-ordinating the ventolin...

Take care Jackie x



I would agree that the easibreathe is easy when you need a quick puff as coordination is easier but my last inhaler was an Ivax easibreathe salb as oppose to ventolin salb and the thing kept blocking up and going on strike so now back with the original ventolin,



I use salamol easi-breathe and find it really easy to use - i really strugge to co-ordinate the MDI's and easi-breath is fab especially if you are having an attack etc as well.


Thanks everyone for your advice think i will try to get an easi-breathe one when i next go to my gp.


jings thought I was the only one having probs with the Ivax Easi breath...I know for a fact that I'm using it properly but sometimes have a prob actually getting anything out of it!!..does anyone know if there's an inhererent prob with this Ivax inhaler??


If I remember rightly Baker Norton became Ivax a couple of years ago. When I was first diagnosed I had a Baker Norton Easi-Breathe and it used to misfire or sometimes not work at all despite constant cleaning and taking the thing back to the chemist. I gave up and went on to mdi's which are much better for me anyway! Sorry I can't be much more help other than to share my experiences.

Sparkly Fairy


I find the mdi's better but always use it through spacer therefore don't have to coordiate anything cause use 3 breathes to 1 squirt from mdi.


Hello, I work with ""Accuhalers"" as you never have this problem with them, always getting the full dosage and no waste and the ""powder"" is fine enough not to irritate the throat.

I do not know if that is much help to you, But I for one would not like to go back to the Inhalers/spacers again.

Good luck and Keep well



Hi liverbird, I had the same prob when exercising using the ventolin as your struggling for breath its hard to time it right so I went onto bricanyl and find it loads easier

Danni x


I used to be on the ventolin for my reliever, and Preventer, and I hated them. I couldn't use them properly without the aerochamber. I also hated that, which led to me not taking my inhalers (bad idea).

On the next visit to my Asthma nurse, I told her about not liking both the inhalers, and the aerochamber. So, because well I have to take my inahalers, she was telling me about the Easi-breathes, and then gave me a prescription for easi-breathe reliever and preventer.

I can safely say I am now taking them regularly as they are much easier to use as you just need to breathe it in.

So if i was you i would have a chat with your asthma nurse.

I hope i helped



Like a lot of you, I couldn't use the inhalers without a spacer (great lugging it about when you work in a special needs school and the questions). Then I went on to the accuhaler, great stuff and now am on the Turbohaler and get on with that fantastic using the symbicort Smart System and managed to finish the winter term at work and normally off sick the last week or so.


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