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steroid resistant asthma

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with asthma when i was two, i am now twenty three and have suffered on going attacks my entire life.

My asthma took a turn for the worst on the 4th of january 2012. Since then i have had three hospital admission, i was discharged today from my 3rd admission. On the 15th.

march i had a diagnosis of ""steroid resistant asthma"" because of my age they dont want me on long term steroids. I am under goin loads of tests.

I wish i could see light at the end of the tunnel however i am still on steroids and at p

resent have no treatment plan. I am concerned this is goin to continue to happen.

Does anyone else suffer with the same type of asthma or have any advice? Its restrictin me in all aspects of my life at the moment.

Thank you

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Hi and welcome!

That doesn't sound good. Just wondering why they still have you on the steroids if they say you're resistant?! Are they planning to bring you off them gradually?

I don't have the same type of asthma - not severe with attacks, though many others on here do. I don't seem to respond well to steroids I've tried so far but is entirely possible I just haven't found the right one yet or not given it long enough (my consultant says very rare for people not to respond though it is possible).

Just wondering if you've ever been referred to a specialist centre? I know the Brompton (where I'm going, because my asthma is awkward rather than severe) specifically says they have a specialism in handling steroid resistant asthma, so if you're not already there it might be worth asking your current team for a referral.


With steroid resistant... The difference in treatment used to Be high dose of prednisolone with little improvement ( some improvement was considered better than none ) Or the use Of antibiotics with the antinflammaratory properties .... Now more drugs are being researched and hopefully on the market soon where they reduce inflammation by use of non steroid intervention ...



Thank you for your responses.

I had been on 40mgs of prednisolone since 4th January. After various tests it was my consultant I saw on the 15th March who told me that my results showed steroid resistant asthma. They did inform me that high doses of steroids can help but because of my age and the damage it can do to your bones they didn't want me to continue with them. As i had been on them for nearly three months she wanted me to reduce them gradually which is what i have been doing.

I had got down to 20mgs, unfortunately my peak flow dropped to 200 and I was taken to hospital on Tuesday. I saw a different consultant in the same clinic. The notes from my appointment on the 15th of March hadnt yet been typed up so this different consultant was not aware of the recent diagnosis and it was a case of my word. He made the decision to admit me into hospital again and i was put onto an aminofilin and 750mgs of IV hydrocortisone a day.

I saw a different consultant again when i was discharged, who discharged me with 40mgs of prednisolone again which i am to gradually come off over the next 6 weeks. I too don't understand being on steroids if I have ""steroid resistant asthma"" however i also know you cant just cut them out because of the side effects.

I am due to see my actual consultant again on the 19th of April following a heart and CT scan of my lungs on the 18th.

I have heard of the Brompton although I havent been referred there. I understand its quite difficult to treat. I work for the NHS and have discussed it with colleagues. Although I would like to know what the next steps might be. sadly know one on my hospital admission this time could answer what I asked and I do wander if thats because they didn't want to ""step"" on the grounds of my consultant.


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