trying to avoid hospital - keep ya fingers crossed for me x

hi everyone, hope you are all well. i am having a bit of a time with my asthma and i can honestly say ive had enough. not been 100% since i came out of hospital about a month ago, weather playing havoc, not being able to go out of the house etc but the last few days again have been horrible. had to go out for a dentist appointment for root canal treatment (put off by dentist until ive had antibiotics so bit of a reprieve thank god). unfortunately walking from the bus stop even with my sticks was a pain-arthritis and asthma, then i had the dreaded stairs to climb up and down. by the time i got back to the bus i was quite ill. inhalers werent working but i managed to stay upright until i got home, although by the looks i was getting on the bus from a couple of people were awful-like i could help coughing. spent the evening home nebbing and had to ring the acute resp team who were absolutely brill and came to see me. as im so awful in hospital they said they would do everything they could to keep me at home - and by god they are fab. even came back during the night, this morning and this afternoon, coming out tomorrow as well to keep me out of hospital. havent got an infection (which i knew) just had an acute severe attack which has left me knackered with reduced air entry in my back, so im back on preds after a 2 week break with a couple of different stuff for the nebuliser. anyway the main thing is im out of hospital and hoping to keep it that way...and to think the atos medical doctor for the dwp said, well along with lots of other tripe that my asthma is ok! roll on an asthma cure cos ive had enough of enforced reclusiveness xxx

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  • That sounds awful - can't believe DWP dr said that! Crossing my fingers you can stay out, your resp team sounds amazing. Really hope you do feel better soon and are able to get out a bit more. xx

  • Philomela - the atos doctor was unbelievable. he said my asthma is fine and doesnt cause any problems, the fact ive had every test under the sun to see what type of asthma it is and that ive been given a wheelchair so i dont have an attack walking and that my needs have been assessed by god knows how many people to see what aids will help reduce attacks etc. he said that i was fine on stairs but didnt see me or ask me to use them! he said my knee is ok and doesnt need operating on, apparently the fact that its dislocating all of the time and the orthopedic surgeont has said that an emergency op is needed! the list of wrong info from him is unbelievable but i know that now unless you have no head you are able to work apprently well according to the atos docs x

  • Riiigghhtt - really makes me wonder about all the alleged 'benefit cheats' who are supposedly out there - can't imagine how they'd do it if people like you who genuinely need it can't seem to persuade the doctors.

  • Jay39 I would ask the dwp if they have sent you to a real doctor who has been medically trained? and also ask where the doctor was trained and ask to see his training certificates. I would ask to see another doctor. Although i must say i am in a similar pickle as you. Now i am married I am not allowed an income because my partner can work. I have a wheelchair for speed and a walking frame with a seat on for independance so i can walk and have a seat when i need one. I keep shocking myself at how bad i actually am when elderly overtake me with there walking speed. Type 1 brittle asthma can make you disabled and unable to work due to continuous symptoms. it is depressing and hard but you just have to live with it. At the moment i am trying to get re housed to a bungalow as stairs are making me get marrooned upstairs. Life is hard with asthma and benefits people are creul and not understanding at all! moan over plumie

  • plumie- hi , did wonder about this atos fella but this doctor was a 'proper' doctor apparently but i have seen an employee of the atos team who spent 1.30hr bombarding my teen with questions as to how she helps me, even though apparently they are not meant to ask the people with you anything! i have been told that i can be allocated a priority bungalow but its impossible for me at min so they are going to install a stairlift and a few other changes to help. dont go out now unless i am forced as its flooring me but the wheelchair would be great if my teen could push me, and the electric chair is too big for the house apprently so its walking sticks and moving like a snail at the min. its been nearly a week now and my chest is still quite poorly and whenever i move its causing an attack. i did actually get to speak to welfare rights yesterday and they have put in another form and they are hopeful for me this time. i seem to be spending all of my time either moaning or asleep at the min but at least as sad and as awful as it sounds, knowing that im not the only one does actually help x

  • That sounds awful Jay! Thinking of you and hoping that things get a bit better and you get somewhere with the support. Xxx

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