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In December I had to have a CT Scan of my lungs when I was admitted into hospital this week my consultant looked at the results of my scan and told me that I would need to have a Bronoscopy because he wants to have a closer detailed look at my lungs.

I am left wondering what my CT scan showed?

Do you think that this is something I should be concerned about or is it normal to have a Bronoscopy after having a CT scan?

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Hi asthmagirl,

My asthma (or whatever it is lol) is nowhere as severe as yours but I had a bronchoscopy after a CT scan.


Hi Asthmagirl,

I have several done every year together with CT scans.

A bronchoscopy can give the consultant a much better idea of how the air ways look and react and are generally working. It can also highlight any other breathing related issues that can't be seen on a CT scan. They can also do a lavage wash, take samples for infection etc and even suck out any lingering mucus!

Try not to worry sounds like you have a very thorough and on the ball consultant.


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