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Swine flu and asthmatics

worrying news that swine flu virus is now officially in the UK..in fact Monklands Hospital which is about 15 mins drive from me is treating the two unfortunate individuals who have contracted this flu virus ...question for our learned medical people on this site...should we asthmatics be worried about this outbreak or will the flu jabs we had at the latter part of last year give us some protection against it?

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No, unfortunately seasonal 'flu jabs don't offer any protection against swine 'flu as the typings of Human and Swine influenza are antigenically different.

At the moment the only two cases have recent travel history to the affected areas so the general advice is that there is no need for concern unless you have recently travelled to the affected areas. The two confirmed cases have had only a mild illness and are being successfully treated with antiviral drugs.


I also read it is going to affect the 20-40 healthy population more than slightly knackered of us.


Quite so, Bex, it seems that in fact the more vigorous immune response in young adults may be implicated in the severity of the illness, and in a strange turn of the usual course of events, children and the elderly are less effected... odd.


wow does that mean that for once having a rubbish immune system actually carries an advantage!? :-) xx


I wore my my knackered and defuct but safe from swine flu grin around the farmers market today had an interesting chat with a vegan who said more and more people were asking about turning vegetarian to avoid the risk of contracting swine flu, I suspect my comment of ""more fool them"" with an on-going ""I hope you are not encouraging them"" rant went down like bacon buttie, but I felt better for it.


You can't catch swine flu from eating pigs.

The virus is a hybrid of human, avian and pig flu.

I told my GP that I am not going to worry about it when he mentioned that no one had asked him about 'pig flu'.

It is amazing how something that may only kill a few people in the best case scenario put the panic up in the western world... ( eg like bird flu, SARS etc) I am more concerned about Malaria killing thousands each day.... wait until the anopheles ( spp??) Mosquito arrives on our shores carrying its load of the malaria parasites!


I suspect at some point the worst case scenario will happen and a flu pandemic will occur, lets hope its not this one. I am still bemused by the number vegetarians who are telling us not to eat pig!


caths post below was interesting. Dr rosemary on BBC breakfast this morning said that the flu jab we had this winter will offer some protection. To be honest though, no one knows anything, other than it spreads human to human.

best option stop all air flights, and lock ourselves in our homes, shop by internet, and have all parcels pass through a disinfectant spray booth. :D


thought i might it add - i saw on the lunchtime news (got sent home from college again!) they are currently testing a women for swine flu in my nearest a and e hospital , and this is the only case they so far havent told us on the news whether she had been to mexico or not !

***- note to self avoid anything trigger like, dont need any trips ***

*wanders of to check teletext for latest updates*



Would that be Torbay? If so...it's been confirmed- but she has recently been to Mexico...


nope it would be essex - if you intrested in looking go on itv teletext - news - regional news we come under anglia - havent checked for a while now

its the first article (or it was)


Crikey this is a little close to home, I am sure 2nd sons GF is in 6th form at the school in Paignton. Not sure what to do now...


oo ouch bex that is close - think i read earlier the skool was closed hold on i will check

similar situation here although its not confirmed as of yet - its my local a an e that is currently testing someone - checking this out again

post again soon



ok basically i found this bex

The girl's school, Paignton Community College, has been temporarily closed and all other pupils offered anti-viral treatment.

and thank goodness the women was found clear and sent home according to an article about 50 mins ago pheewww! - stil not said wether she went to mexico or not



Son's GF is in 6th form there, I am not panicking although son is being encouraged to use anti-bac hand gel before coming into see me and to avoid his normal big hugs, will call GP tomorrow and get advice.


Youngest grandson in same year as affected girl at PCC - has anti-virals.

Eldest daughter came into contact with someone who had returned from Mexico week before but given all-clear.

It's all happening!


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