kenelog injections

hi i am having Kenelog injections has anyone had bad side effects as i am ,they are, palpitations/hot and cold sweats/headaches/loss of feeling to legs just go beneath me/nausea/raised blood pressure/dizziness/blurred vision/very anxious feelings/.

can anyone tell me how to alleviate these side effects at home to relax please many thanks Simon.

P.S love to all

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  • Injections

    Im on Triamicilone (Kenelog) Injections,have been since 1986.

    Had most of the side effects you mention.

    You dont say how long you have been haveing the injections...

    best thing i ever learnt was how to breath properly using my diaphragm,helps loads with anxiety.

    Be an idea to talk with your GP/Consultant.

    Take care


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