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Pneumonia, my visit to the hospital


Today i've had quite a dramatic day my health has taken a bit of a turn, this morning at work i started getting chest pain when breathing in the shoulder area lowe back and breastbone. I've been fighting off this bronchitis since july this weekend i pretty much felt like i had the flu. I went in to the ER to check it out thinking it may even be a colapsed lung and didnt wanna risk it. They did a chest xray, and EKG and put me on a monitor. The x ray didnt show any abnormalities, and was told its mostly likly a muscle inflamation from all the coughing. Then my ER doc called back not to long ago and said they had a radiologist look at my x ray and compared it with the one last year when i went in for my attack i had. And it shows that i have a bit of pnumonia he prescribed me Biaxin. My fever also went up i didnt have one at the hospital it went up when i got home about an hour or so later i checked and it was at 101.5. Anyone have this experience or similar? what about taking biaxin? last time i took it the bitter taste wassnt nice so i stopped taking it.

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*pops head in as Anglo-American translator*

Biaxin = clarithromycin

EKG = ECG - ""heart tracing""

ER = A&E (Sure everyone knows this anyway - who could forget George Clooney??)

101.5 F = 38.6 C

Right, done my bit - now will leave it open to anyone else's experience (I'm afraid I have none - sorry!)



The metallic taste isnt very nice but most people get it on clarithramycin. Best to keep some chewing gum or sweets handy and chew them when it gets bad. You have been given the antibs to treat the pnemonia so you really need to persevere despite the horrible taste.


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