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weird throat thing

Hi all,

Just a quick query really, every so often (more regularly this summer than normal) my throat feels like it's swelling up at the back and closing up, like I'm reacting to something or if I've got a throat infection (which I don't at teh moment), and my chest gets tighter as well. I find if I take an extra dose of clarityn and stock up on ventolin it tends to ease up eventually. I had another episode again thsi mornign which went away but it's feeling weird again tonight which has made me query - does this happen to anyone else and am I just over reacting as it does go away eventually? It can't be a throat infection as I don't ahve one at teh moment, and it's not a pre cursor to an attack as such, and the feelign does go away rather than taking a few days to clear like when I ahve an infection. I know I should really just grin and bear it but I'm just curious to know if anyone else gets this!

Thanks Cal

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In the ventolin context, I would just like to put it on record, that the notion of grinning may not really be so far fetched and absurd.

1) If you press a finger on the upper lip, it is much easier to inhale (acupressure).

2) If you vigorously grin or keep a stiff upper lip you get the same effect, i.e. it is a good method of preventing asthma, with same training


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