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Intal Spacer

Just for info for anyone here using Intal and needing a spacer. On the advice of someone else here, I contacted the manufactures of the inhaler - it took a bit of going back and forth between them, the pharmacist and my GP, but the manufacturers have now sent me (via the pharmacist) a free Fisonair large volume spacer which fits and is suitable for the Intal inhaler.

Definitely worth knowing about and may apply to other inhalers/manufacterers too.

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Hi Ratty,

Somehow I missed this when it was posted - wasn't on Intal then though! Thanks for posting it as I have just discovered the drawbacks of using Intal with a normal spacer (powder EVERYWHERE!) I will see if I can persuade the manufacturers to send me a suitable spacer as well.




Just in case anyone looking for an Intal spacer comes across this in the future - it seems they are no longer made. I was trying to get hold of one through the chemist and he rang me up this morning to say he'd been in touch with the manufacturer and they don't make these spacers anymore.

All I can say is: $%^&*()(*&^!!! Not the end of the world I guess but it's not the most comfortable inhaler to take without a spacer! Just as long as they don't plan to stop making the inhaler as well...


Hmm, pharmacist didn't know what he was talking about - just received my Fisonair through the post after contacting Sanofi-Aventis through their online form - that was easy!

Quite sad how exciting it was getting that through the post - couldn't work out what it was so was shaking it on way back from delivery office...


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