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i have been on seretide 25/250 2 puffs twice a day for nearly 6 months now. however, i've still been getting flares averaging once a month lasting around 2 weeks each time. my respi doctor has suggested xolair. i took a look at the xolair website and found that the recommended ige level for the use of xolar is IgE is 887. anybody else on xolair with ige levels above that of 700? how useful is xolair in controlling asthma? i'm considering xolair but not looking forward to the 3 injections every 2 weeks!!! ><

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Same position as you

I was recently hospitalised for 6 weeks and have been told I qualify for Xolair too. My IgE in hosptial was about 820. I think the higher the IgE level is, the more prone you are to infections and allergies. I am going to discuss the treatment with my consultant in 3 weeks time as I'm not sure about it either (it being such a new drug). Have been told that it is a huge help to most people. I think you get offered a 16 week trial of it (because it is so expensive) and if enough improvement is seen, you keep going with it.

I am in the same situation as you, so feel free to contact if you have any other queries (I'll try my best to help!) Let me know how you get on. Sarah



I am not allowed xolair as my allergies are too high. However, I am talking exceptionally high if you take what the consultant was saying. I do hope you get it. Hopefully you will find some relief!


If you type ""xolair"" in to the search box it should bring up quite a lot of posts about it. I have been on ti for nearly 18 months now and it has worked wonders for me. I have discussed my experience on previous posts.

Hope this helps.




I have an IgE of over 5000 therefore I am too far out of range to try Xolair as there isn't a dose they can give at present which would be considered therapeutic. I think it may be the same case with you I'm afraid, it depends on whether your doctor thinks it would be worth a try with your IgE being a bit out of range. There were a couple of people on the messageboard who tried Xolair with IgE values above the 700 and if I recall correctly it wasn't particularly helpful.

Have you spoken to your doctor about the IgE range given on the Xolair website and if so did he think it was still worth a try. I hope you do get it if your doctor thinks it will help.

I hope you get some more useful replies than mine, take care.

*edited I didn't realise you were not from the UK. :)


hey guys, thanks for all your replies. and yep i'm not from the uk, so unfortunately, i don't have any form of free trial period for xolair. it'll cost a bomb should i decide to go on xolair so that's another thing for me to consider. i will bring up the out-of-range thing with my con the next time i see him in a few weeks time. (:


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