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I went back to the doctors today as i had a sore throat over the weekend. I've got Laryngitis!!

I've only just finished my steroids & antibiotics from my last cold/chest infection. Hopefully the steroids & anti's will kick in before my chest gets bad..... hopefully it won't go to my chest......pigs might fly!

My GP has put me back on to Singulair Hurray!!! And shes referred me for my CT scan. Just need to wait for an appointment. She wouldn't put anti's & steroids onto a emergency prescription as Bronchialectisis has to be ruled out first.

I've breathed in some steam tonight which has helped loads. I've got Wednesday off work, so i will use it as a good rest day!

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good luck and take it easy


Thanks Katherine. Just caught up on your news. Hope you are OK?

I haven't been ill since last February. Since the flu in December i've had everything going! I'm keeping my chin up with this one ;). I feel OK so touch wood the steroids will keep my asthma more controlled.


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